Anime Spotlight: Comet Lucifer

Comet Lucifer is an anime series produced by 8-Bit and is directed by Yasuhito Kikuchi. The series aired on Japanese television from October 4-December 20, 2015. As of this writing, Sentai Filmworks holds the North American license for Comet Lucifer.

The series is set on a planet called Gift, which has blue crystals known as Giftium buried deep within in. Sogo Amagi, the protagonist, lives in Garden Indigo and has a hobby of collecting rare crystals.

One day, after becoming involved in a dispute between his classmates Kaon, Roman, and Otto, Sogo and Kaon find themselves wandering into the ruins of a mine. They discover a mysterious blue-haired young girl named Felia. It turns out Felia has a crystal snake called Moura that serves her and helps to keep her powers in check. Moura can also transform into a mecha when Felia is in danger.

There are those in the government who seek Felia’s power and become adversaries for Sogo and his friends. It turns out that one person among the antagonists has a past with Sogo’s guardian, Do Mon.

When I watched the first episode, I thought it was a little on the boring side. However, since it was the first episode and that it needed to establish the characters and the world of the series, I was willing to forgive it for the pacing. However, over the next couple of episodes, not much really happened. Sure, the antagonists start showing up, but there’s no real explanation of their motivation.

Unfortunately, Comet Lucifer takes too long to truly get the story going. And even when it finally does get going, only one character truly gets any development… and that character is killed off shortly afterward! When all is said and done, this was the most interesting character out of all of them, and almost made me wish they were the main character instead of Sogo.

Also, the antagonists’ motivations are only truly explained during the final two episodes, but it’s just so muddled and feels like it was thrown out there without any real thought put into it. And where the beginning of the series felt like it took too long, the ending of the series feels incredibly rushed.

The animation for Comet Lucifer looked decent at first, but there were times in later episodes where it looked as if the animators weren’t going to as much effort. There were occasional shots where it appeared that very little detail was being included in the animation for the characters.

By the time I finished the final episode, I felt as if I has just wasted 12 weeks of my life on this series.

I honestly cannot recommend Comet Lucifer to anyone. The writing is weak, the main characters are rather dull and uninteresting, and the ending is not worth the journey it takes to get there. Perhaps Comet Lucifer might have been stronger if it was 24 episodes instead of 12, since it would have given the story time to truly build and provide more opportunities to develop most of the characters.

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One comment

  1. delaneysloane · December 26, 2015

    hahah- my thoughts exactly! This anime is a complete waste of time :p

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