My Hero Academia Volume Two focuses on Izuki Midoriya, a boy who was born without a mutation known as a “Quirk.” He dreams of becoming a superhero, but needs a “Quirk” to become one. A chance meeting with a hero named All Might allows him to gain a “Quirk” and pass the entrance exam for U.A. High School.

My Hero Academia Volume Two
Written by: Kohei Horikoshi
Publisher: Shueisha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: November 3, 2015

Volume Two sees Izuku and his classmates at U.A. High begin battle training. For their first exercise, Izuku finds himself paired up with Uraraka, who he still has trouble saying two words to since he has a hard time talking to girls. But during the course of the exercise, he finds he can talk to her. This change for Izuki seems to be establishing a friendship between him and Uraraka. In their exercise, they have to go up against Ida and Bakugo. Bakugo’s still smarting from what he saw from Izuku at the entrance exam, and he swears that he will beat the kid he used to bully.

As part of the training exercise, we get to see flashbacks of Bakugo and Izuku as kids, which help to better define the conflict between these two characters. The flashbacks don’t excuse Bakugo’s past and current behavior, but the reader can better understand where he’s coming from.

But the training exercise doesn’t go as Bakugo expected. It’s not surprising how Bakugo reacts, especially when Izuku tries to talk to him about it later. It’s safe to say that the antagonism between these two characters won’t be going away any time soon.

My Hero Academia Volume Two also introduces The Villains Alliance, a group of villains who seem poised to serve as the main antagonists for the heroes and the heroes in training. They interrupt another training session for Izuku’s class, expecting All Might to be there. During the fights that take place here, we get to see a couple of the teachers in action, as well as the students trying to do what they can against some of the lower level grunts from The Villains Alliance. The battles against these villains has started to show a little more of some of Izuku’s classmates that had basically been background characters up to this point.

Volume Two is a strong continuation from where Volume One had left off. While the manga is still in its establishing phase, it has done this in a way that’s interesting to read and starts to progress the overarching story. I expect that the next volume will continue to establish some of the characters, but start increasing the action that’s taking place in the story.

Readers who enjoyed the first volume of this series should give My Hero Academia Volume Two a chance. They will likely appreciate how the story progresses, as well as the character development that takes place in this volume.

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