Full English Cast Announced for the Chaika The Coffin Princess Anime

Sentai Filmworks has announced the full English cast for the Chaika The Coffin Princess anime. The company previously announced the three lead cast members: Kira Vincent-Davis as Chaika Trabant, Joanne Bonasso as Akari Acura, and Leraldo Anzaldua as Toru Acura.

The other cast members are:

  • Krystal LaPorte is Frederica
  • Blake Shepard is Alberic Gillet
  • Andrew Love is Nikolai Avtotor
  • Luci Christian is Vivi Holopainen
  • Caitlynn French is Zita Brusasco
  • Mike Yager is Mateus Callaway
  • Shannon Emerick is Leonardo Stola
  • Rutherford Cravens is Konrad Steinmetz
  • Molly Searcy is Karen Bombardier
  • Brittany Karbowski is Chaika Bohdan
  • Scott Gibbs is David
  • Allison Sumrall is Selma Kenworth
  • Krystal LaPorte is Cat
  • Kalin Coates is Guy
  • Greg Ayres is Ricardo Gavarni
  • David Wald is Grato Lancia
  • Katelyn Barr is Layla
  • Luis Galindo is Simon Scania
  • Scotty Fults is Roberto Abarth
  • Krystal LaPorte is Dominca Skoda
  • Margaret McDonald is Yulia
  • Kurt Bauer is Marat
  • Stephen E. Moellering is Lavr
  • Kyle Jones is Frol
  • Adam Gibbs is Shin Acura
  • Amanda L. Baird is Jasmine
  • Cayla Coats is Young Toru
  • John Swasey is Cizeta
  • Tommy Baird is Foden
  • Rob Mungle is Theobald Setra

Chris Ayres will direct the dub.

Sentai Filmworks will release Chaika The Coffin Princess on DVD and Blu-ray on December 15, 2015.

Source: ANN

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