This issue includes chapters for My Hero Academia, One Piece, Food Wars!, Bleach, World Trigger, Nisekoi: False Love, Toriko, and Black Clover. This issue also includes Naruto being featured for the “Jump Back” initiative, but this time focusing on the first four chapters of Volume 28 (which is set at the end of the two year timeskip), as well as Masasahi Kishimoto’s Karakuri one shot.

I’m providing my reactions and impressions for each manga title that appears in the volume. However, be warned that this post may potentially contain spoilers.

I only started reading Weekly Shonen Jump back in late February/early March of 2014, which means there’s a number of series published in the magazine that I jumped in the middle of. Since then, I’ve been able to start reading older chapters of some of the titles, but I haven’t managed to do this for all of the titles yet. Because of this, there may be times I might inadvertently include incorrect information in the write-ups. If you see something in a write-up that’s incorrect due to my having not read earlier chapters of a series, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know. Not only can I correct the incorrect information in the write-up, it will also help provide information for me to have when reading future chapters of a series in Weekly Shonen Jump.

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My Hero Academia CH:062

This chapter focuses on Bakugo and Midoriya, and it’s obvious they’re unable to work well together. Because of this, All Might is having a rather easy time of it. This chapter also includes some flashbacks from when Bakugo and Midoriya were little kids. But Midoriya does something rather unexpected when Bakugo makes a comment that his partner doesn’t like hearing. The battle is still ongoing when the chapter ends, which isn’t surprising. But it looks like Midoriya might be able to pull something off. We’ll just have to wait until the next chapter to find out whether or not he does.

One Piece CH:803

In this chapter, Luffy and the others discover that the Thousand Sunny made it to Zou. The Straw Hats, Law, and a couple of other people disembark, while the other pirates head on their way. Meanwhile, it appears that the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army has been discovered by the Blackbeard Pirates. And Buggy the Clown is back! It definitely appears that a new story arc is being established in this chapter that will somehow involve Luffy and his group, the Revolutionary Army, and Buggy. It’ll be interesting to see how this develops.

It should be noted that One Piece will be off next week.

Food Wars! CH:138

In this chapter, Erina is inside Polaris Dorm, which surprises the residents as they return. When it’s asked to let Erina stay there, the residents aren’t sure and are afraid of getting into trouble. But after they learn what’s going on with Erina’s father, they’re more than happy to let her stay. As they have a party, Erina is asked to sample dishes and give her opinion on them. I don’t know, that kind of seems like a rude thing to do to someone who’s run away and is hiding out to get away from being forced into these same kinds of duties by their father. And right at the end of the chapter, Azami shows some documents to the staff that explain what Totsuki’s new instruction method will be. From the reactions I’m seeing, it’s obviously something the staff isn’t happy about. Azami just continues to be a jerk, and his obsession of taking over Totsuki is already starting to get out of hand (and it’s hardly even started!).

Bleach CH:646

The fight between Kyoraku and the Quincy continues. But just as it looks like Kyoraku has the upper hand, the Quincy reveals an ability he has that we didn’t know about before, which only serves to stretch the battle out more. The chapter ends with a cliffhanger, and the reader is left to wonder whether or not Kyoraku will survive. I just hope this doesn’t get stretched out into some ridiculously drawn out battle that becomes very over the top. But with the way Bleach has been going over the past year or so, I’m almost afraid that it is.

World Trigger CH:118

In this chapter, Enedora is questioned about the two potential Neighborhoods that might attack, but he claims to not have any additional information on them. Yuma confirms that he’s not lying. When Enedora makes a comment about Hyuse, Osamu asks him to elaborate, but we don’t get to see whether or not he does because the scene changes to Chika going through sniper training. When someone tells Chika that her mentor should teach her how to actually shoot people, she shares something that he told her. But the guy who made the crack says he might be able to help her right at the end of the chapter. I wonder what he’s planning to do in order to teach her how to be comfortable shooting at people, and if this will appear in the next chapter, or if the focus will return on what Enedora was telling Osamu and Yuma.

Nisekoi: False Love CH:189

As we see that Raku and the others are making progress in an underground tunnel, Marika’s mother decides to move the wedding up an hour earlier. But just as it seems that the bride and groom will have their kiss, Raku barges in. And this is where the chapter ends. But is Raku technically too late? While Marika never said “I do,” the officiant did say her silence constitutes her pledge. He could be too late due to that technicality. I’m curious to see how Komi ends up playing this out.

Toriko CH:342

After dealing with a few pages of narration, the story gets going with Toriko and Starjun. Apparently, Toriko’s heightened sense of smell is allowing him to sense everything that’s going on in the Gourmet World. They encounter a battle wolf. But before the two of them can fight, Toriko receives a call from Komatsu saying that they have prepared Another. Ummm… wait a minute. What happened to the various story lines that were going on, like with Komatsu and the boy? That cooking competition? Between all the narration and this sudden jump in time, it almost feels like the mangaka is trying to rush through the story to bring it to its conclusion. Could Toriko be heading toward its ending soon?

Black Clover CH:033

It turns out that Fegoleon has lost an arm but is still alive. But before they can do anything, Rades attacks Leopold. As Rades tries to leave, Asta decides to attack, even though he’s injured. But before anything can happen, reinforcements show up for Rades. But Asta does something surprising right at the end of the chapter. So this fight with Rades continues and doesn’t seem to be anywhere near ending. I’m almost afraid that the mangaka is going to try to stretch this battle out for as long as possible. If that happens, I’ll probably get bored with this series rather quickly until it finally progresses to something else.

Naruto CH:246

This chapter focuses exclusively on Naruto and Sakura doing the bell test with Kakashi for a second time. However, unlike the first time, it doesn’t take them nearly as long to achieve the goal. Naruto actually came up with a clever way to distract Kakashi so they could get the bells without him noticing. Also, this chapter demonstrates just how much both Naruto and Sakura have grown as ninja. This was a very fun read, and it was also a little on the nostalgic side.


This is the one shot that Kishimoto received the Hop Step Award honorable mention in an issue of Weekly Shonen Jump back in 1996. Two years later, the one shot was published in Weekly Shonen Jump.

The story is set in Japan during a time when a virus was killing a lot of people. The government used bionics to create vertebrae that would fight against the virus and save mankind. But a subset of people involved with the project secretly redeveloped the idea for military purposes and conducted experiments that created roids, which were humans turned into weapons. The Ministry of Defense created the 14th Division fourth platoon Karakuri Squad to deal with it. Kiru, the main character, is directionally challenged, which makes it hard to arrive at his intended destination on time. His commander (a rat) is directionally challenged, too. But when they finally make it to their location, they find that one of the people they were supposed to meet has been kidnapped. Kiru finds the girl who was kidnapped and rescues her.

It was interesting to see how some of the character designs that appear here would be modified and make some kind of appearance in Naruto. Also, there was an ability that appeared here and was later modified to be something else in the Naruto series. This was a nice thing to see for curiosity’s sake, but it shows just how much Kishimoto had grown as a mangaka between this and Naruto. Karakuri is OK for what it is, but it’s not as strong as Naruto.

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