Kodansha Comics announced at its industry panel at New York Comic Con 2015 that it has licensed hounori’s Spoof on Titan and Hiroki Katsumata’s I Am Space Dandy manga.

The Spoof on Titan manga is a four-panel parody series that is a spin-off of Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan manga. The series was one of the first titles to launch on the Manga Box app in both Japanese and English in December 2013. The manga ended in December 2014.

Katsumata’s I Am Space Dandy manga also ran on DeNA’s Manga Box app, but only on the Japanese app. The manga ended in October 2014.

The manga is described as:

Space Dandy is an easygoing and forgetful alien hunter always on the lookout for new species while traveling through space with his robot assistant QT and cat-like alien named Meow. Based on the popular Space Dandy anime, this series also contains original stories not featured in the television show.

Source: ANN