Toei Animation has announced that voice actor Naoki Tatsuta will temporarily replace Jouji Yanami as both North Kaiō and the Narrator in the Dragon Ball Super anime series. Tatsuta is replacing Yanami so that Yanami can undergo medical treatment. The announcement did not specify the reason for the treatment. Tatsuta will replace Yanami starting with the show’s 12th episode, which will air on September 27, 2015.

Toei Animation added that the company will take into account Yanami’s recovery situation and will discuss with him about when he will return to the role. The announcement added that the entire staff wish Yanami well with his recovery, and they thanked fans for their continued support.

Yanami played both North Kaiō and the Narrator in the Dragon Ball anime series, the Dragon Ball Z anime series and films, and in the Dragon Ball GT series as well as in Dragon Ball Super. He has also played Dr. Briefs in the franchise.

Tatsuta has worked on the Dragon Ball franchise in the past, having played Oolong in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT.

Source: ANN