Episode 46 opens with a three minute long recap. But instead of returning to the battle between Ko and Yuma, which is where the previous episode ended, the fight with Nasu and the others on the other side of the river is focused on instead. While we did see Ko and Yuma fight later on in the episode, it was a little frustrating to suddenly shift to something else after the recap had built up to Ko and Yuma’s battle.

But like recent episodes in the B-Rank War, Episode 46 focuses on interspersing commentaries and flashbacks with the action taking place. And this episode also introduced a couple of new concepts that were utilized by Yuma, so time was spent having the commentators explain them. And when Nasu pulls off a defensive move, time was spent to explain what she did as well. Unfortunately, using this strategy for the storytelling affects the pacing to the point that it starts being a little boring to watch. I understand that they’re trying to stretch this out since they’re getting closer to catching up with the manga source material, but it still does affect a viewer’s enjoyment. At least a couple of important developments took place in the episode, so it’s not like the story didn’t progress at all. But the pacing left a lot to be desired.

At this point, I’m thinking that World Trigger works better in the manga medium than in an animated version. The tricks of interspersing flashbacks and commentary like this works well in a more static medium like manga. But for anime, which is a more action-oriented medium, constantly doing this kind of interspersing drags the pacing down after a while.

From the preview, it appears that this battle in the B-Rank War will finally be coming to an end in Episode 47. Of the battles that have been fought in the B-Rank War up to this point, this one has been the longest. I’m at a point where I’m looking forward to seeing it come to an end.

At this point, it looks like they may be ending this series before reaching 50 episodes. The next series of World Trigger is supposed to premiere on October 11, 2015, so I’m guessing there will be two more episodes: one to finish off this battle in the B-Rank War, and one to wrap things up before moving on to the new World Trigger series that is supposed to feature an original story created for the anime. Once this World Trigger series is over, I plan to drop the show. It hasn’t interested me enough during its run to want to follow the forthcoming series or any series that continues the canon storyline from the manga. I’m finding that I’m enjoying reading the weekly chapters in Weekly Shonen Jump more than I am watching the anime week after week.

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