Manga Review: Deadman Wonderland Volume 10

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Deadman Wonderland Volume 10 focuses on Ganta Igarashi, a boy who was wrongfully imprisoned in a special prison known as Deadman Wonderland. He has learned that his friend Shiro isn’t what he thought she was.

Deadman Wonderland Volume 10
Written by: Jinsei Kataoka
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: August 11, 2015

Volume 10 shows what has happened to the various inmates after they are taken out of Deadman Wonderland due to the truth about what it is being made public.  However, for the ones we see, it looks like life outside of Deadman Wonderland hasn’t been what they hoped it would be. Ganta seems to be going through the worst issues, though, as he dwells on the fact that Shiro was actually the “Red Man” who murdered his classmates in middle school and caused him to be sent to Deadman Wonderland in the first place. Ganta’s confusion and anguish are a driving force in this volume.

Meanwhile, Makina has developed a plan to try to take down the Mother Goose system that’s still active at Deadman Wonderland. This plan involves gathering those who were affected by Deadman Wonderland, regardless of whether or not they were Deadmen. At first, Ganta’s confusion almost keeps him from participating. But when he does join the operation, his confusion is put to the test when Shiro suddenly appears. While I’d been feeling bad for Ganta leading up this reunion with Shiro, my sympathy magnified when he came face to face with Shiro. As we see throughout Volume 10, Ganta goes through a major emotional rollercoaster, and the end for it doesn’t seem to be in sight.

Toto, the strongest and most psychotic of the Deadmen, is determined to unlock the Mother Goose system in order to unleash Shiro’s full potential as the Wretched Egg. The reader can see just how driven he is to achieve his goal, and how it seems he’ll do just about anything to achieve it. He’s especially obsessed with Ganta, which is something that Ganta doesn’t need to deal with in his already confused state of mind. As we see Toto’s obsession progress, it becomes clear that Ganta is going to be a very important component of the story going forward.

We also learn that Makina is keeping certain facts about the Mother Good system a secret to try to protect Ganta. However, this plan backfires on her when he hears the truth blurted out by Toto near the end of the volume. I’m not sure if what Toto says registers with Ganta at the time, because he’s so concerned about saving Senji’s life. I suspect that the truth that Makina has been trying so hard to keep from Ganta will be coming to light in an upcoming volume, and it’ll be interesting to see how Ganta reacts to it.

Deadman Wonderland Volume 10 works at setting the next part of the story in motion, and it’s becoming very clear that the series is getting closer to its conclusion. It feels like the story is ultimately leading to a final confrontation between Ganta and Shiro, but that there’s still a little more that needs to happen before that battle can take place. Hopefully, the journey to reach the climax will be just as interesting as what I read in this volume.

When it comes to the art, I thought this volume included some drawings of Makina that really stood out compared to many of the other panels. There were also some close-up panels where it almost felt like the characters were about to leap off the page. And the drawings during Ganta and Shiro’s confrontation emphasized both the action and the emotional aspects of the scene very effectively.

Fans of the series will not want to miss out on reading Deadman Wonderland Volume 10, because the story is moving in a very different and exciting direction.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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