Case Closed: Episode 789 – “The Queen’s Weather Forecast”

Episode 789 sees Kogoro taping a segment of a TV show with a weather reporter, and Ran and Conan have accompanied him to the studio. The weather reporter is murdered while they are at the studio, and they have to try to figure out who killed her and how.

This is one of those episodes where, at least in the beginning, Conan drops hints to Kogoro and he’s able to put the pieces together with little to no help from Conan. But this mystery turns out to have more than one layer to it, so Conan does end up having to use the tranquilizer dart and the voice-changing bowtie in order to completely solve the mystery. But I do appreciate the stories that show that Kogoro isn’t entirely a bumbling fool and can sometimes figure things out if he’s given a nudge in the right direction.

I hadn’t been able to guess that there had been more than one layer to this mystery at first, but when it seemed like the case was being solved around the halfway point it made me think there was more than what was being shown on the surface. Sure enough, there was something more to the mystery, and the second half was used to unravel what actually happened. I appreciate the Case Closed mysteries where it’s not as clear cut as it seems at first, because this helps to create some depth. For this particular Case Closed episode, having the multiple layers helped to make this more than just a typical murder mystery.

From the preview for Episode 790, it looks like there will be another murder mystery to solve. This will make the third murder mystery in a row, so hopefully this murder mystery streak will break soon for something a little different. And it appears there’s going to be a two week break until the next episode of Case Closed, so at least it won’t be three murder mystery stories airing back-to-back for 3-4 weeks straight.

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