Case Closed: Episode 787 – “The Mystery Sinking in the Midsummer Pool (Part One)”

Episode 787 brings Sera back into the storyline in a major way. It’s hinted that Sera’s overarching story might progress here, but the mystery that shows up moves us away from Sera’s story. However, she still plays an important role in the investigation into this case.

The mystery takes place at the pool of the hotel where Sera is staying at. Roughly the first half of the episode is used to set up the case. Nagami, the snooty daughter of the hotel’s owner, gives a hard time to her fiancé (who is also her father’s secretary), her half-sister, and the manager of the hotel. When Nagami realizes the expensive necklace she was wearing has disappeared, she declares that all of the guests must be kicked out of the pool and to block the area off. Nagami uses scuba gear and goes into the pool to search for her necklace, and she is later found dead on the pool floor. However, a discrepancy is found in the timeline that shows that she didn’t simply drown.

With the scenes to establish the story and mystery, we see that the fiancé, half-sister, and hotel manager would all have had a motive for potentially killing Nagami. Conan and Sera both pick up on things people say and unusual discoveries in the pool that help to steer Inspector Megure toward realizing this isn’t a drowning case. While a potential motive and a couple of pieces of evidence appear during this episode, there isn’t much progress toward potentially solving it. This episode definitely focused on establishing the case rather than on making much headway in solving it. But from what I saw in the preview for the next episode, it looks like Conan and Sera will be putting the pieces together and likely solving the case.

It’s good to see Sera playing a bigger role again, because she’d been all but absent from the story for a while. But it was a little frustrating to see what appeared to be potential progress in Sera’s overarching story with the person claiming to be her little sister, but then it ended up not going much of anywhere. I felt a little teased by that, because it appeared there was a chance that Conan and the little sister would finally meet at last. If Ran and Sonoko hadn’t tagged along with Conan, it might have happened. Oh well. But hopefully this is a sign that there will be some progress on this front sooner rather than later.

At this point, I have no idea who murdered Nagami. So it makes me want to see Episode 788 in order to find out what the truth behind this case is.

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