Episode 18 introduces a new character from the afterworld named Kain. He’s a Shirushigami, which is a bookkeeper who makes sure people have lived out their given time. He’s determined to find the headquarters of the Damashigami Company, but it turns out he also has a grudge against Rinne. It’s not surprising to learn that the source of Kain’s grudge comes from Rinne’s father, who conned Kain’s mother when he and Rinne were kids.

This episode also introduces the concept of a “Life Flame,” which causes a person’s spirit to leave their body and make it appear that they have died. To get repayment for what happened to him and his mother, Kain takes Rinne’s haori and Life Flame and escapes into the afterworld. But he issues a challenge: they have to find the headquarters of the Damashigami Company by 10 o’clock the next morning, or he’ll take the haori and Life Flame to the Afterlife recycle shop. Once the shop takes the Life Flame, Rinne will die.

Of course, Ageha, Sakura, and Rokumon rush into the afterworld to try to reclaim the Life Flame and the haori. Rinne’s spirit also goes along, but it becomes a running gag that his soul is attracted to the Wheel of Reincarnation. And Tsubasa also grudgingly goes along claiming he’s there to protect Sakura. When they arrive in the afterworld, they encounter some unexpected surprises, and the episode ends with the situation looking bleak for the protagonists.

So far, I don’t like Kain as a character. I understand why he’s angry, but his actions seem to be over the top. But after meeting his mother in this episode, I can probably see why he’d take such drastic measures. It turns out his mother is still being conned by Sabato, in the guise of love letters constantly asking for money. Kain’s mother comes across as someone who’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.

This story will definitely be continuing in Episode 19, and it’s going to be interesting to see how it will be resolved. Obviously, Rinne will have to get his Life Flame and haori back in order for the series to continue, but the main question is how this will be achieved.

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