Review: Case Closed: Episode 785 – “Taiko Meijin’s Match of Love (Part One)”

Case Closed sees Shinichi Kudo, a high school junior mystery buff with incredible abilities with his power of observation and intuition, being given an experimental poison by a criminal organization. Instead of killing Shinichi, it shrinks him back down to his six or seven year old self.

As his new younger self, Shinichi takes on the name of Conan Edogawa, and poses as a relative of his neighbor, Dr. Agasa. As Conan, Shinichi ends up living with his childhood friend Ran Mori and her father Kogoro. Kogoro is a bumbling private investigator who used to be part of the Japanese police force. Shinichi believes that he can use Kogoro’s resources to track down the men in black who poisoned him in order to get an antidote that will return him to his normal size.

Episode 785 focuses on Shukichi Haneda, a shogi champion trying to win all seven titles in his current match. But his tournament is disrupted when he receives a letter saying his girlfriend, Yumi, has been kidnapped, and that Shukichi has to solve clues in a scavenger hunt before a time limit in order to save her.

It turns out that Conan and the Detective Boys know both Shukichi and Yumi, and it’s lucky for Shukichi that he runs into them while trying to decipher the first clue. I liked how Conan was able to find ways to help Shukichi without drawing the attention of the kidnapper through ruses he would use or the story he had to weave when talking to Detective Sato on the phone. With Yumi being a police officer who hasn’t shown up to work for two days, Conan came up with a somewhat believable story on the fly to explain her absence.

With utilizing shogi like it does, this episode requires a bit of explaining for how Shukichi figured out the first clue referred to the location he ran into Conan and the others at. As someone not from Japan, I appreciated the explanations, since shogi isn’t very well known here. When the explanation was given, it made sense. So while the exposition did bog down the story a little, it was very needed because of the cultural gap for me as a viewer. But it’s nice to see that it was also included in the episode for Japanese viewers who may not have familiarity with shogi.

They find the next clue, and Conan and Shukichi have figured out what it means right when the episode ends. I knew from the title that there would be more than one episode, so that wasn’t too surprising. From the preview, it looks like this storyline will end in the next episode.

I have to admit from seeing the preview for this episode last week that I had assumed it was a filler episode. But the fact that Conan and the Detective Boys referenced both Shukichi and Yumi from knowing them previously, and the fact that Sera calls Conan out of the blue, leads me to believe that this story is actually from the original manga source material. But I’m looking forward to seeing Episode 786 to find out how this scavenger hunt for Yumi will progress.

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  1. Chrissy.C · July 29, 2015

    Geeze, “Detective Conan” is nearing the 800’s. I haven’t seen it since the dub. When I was in 5th grade!

    I’m glad that they expanded their scenarios. In the beginning they never ha an kidnapping situations.

    I like how professional your writing is. Instead of being outlandish or biased.

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