Anime News Network is reporting that Viewster Inc., the worldwide video streaming service Viewster’s new Los Angeles-based subsidiary, is launching a multi-faceted subscription service called OMAKASE.

Part of the service will be ad-free high definition video, including both anime simulcasts and more obscure titles. Shows Viewster already streams will become available in high definition for subscribers, while the new additions will usually also be available for free standard definition streaming with ads.

“In terms of video, we see a combination of ‘never before released’ and ‘license rescue’—both have appeal if it’s the right title,” said Viewster Inc. CEO Rob Pereyda regarding video selection.

The service will also distribute a merchandise box once every two months, and will offer a third area of content the company has not yet revealed. The merchandise boxes will include items such as a gold-foil hardcover manga and a figure that the company worked with a partner to create.

The video service, as well as the third area of content, will be available on mobile apps. The company is also planning to offer video on devices such as Xbox 360 and Roku.

At this time, Viewster Inc. is planning to launch OMAKASE in the fourth quarter of 2015. The company has not yet announced pricing for the service, but the billing cycle will be bimonthly, like the merchandise boxes.

The name “OMAKASE” is a Japanese word that means “trusting the decision to someone.” The term is used in restaurants to describe a meal arranged by the chef.

Source: ANN