Episode Three ends up being more of an exposition episode than anything else. Not much action takes place, but it does provide some background for the characters of Worick and Nicolas. Through flashbacks, we learn how Worick and Nicolas ended up joining forces and how Worick has a past that he tries to keep secret. It turns out that a lot of people in Ergastulum are vaguely familiar with his secret, even though Worick has tried his hardest to hide it. And we also seem to learn an important piece of information about the Tags, although this revelation was hinted at visually and only mentioned in dialogue in passing.

This episode also truly introduces the city of Ergastulum to the viewer as Nicolas, Alex, and Worick make various deliveries for Dr. Theo. While the audience had a general idea of what Ergastulum is like, getting to travel around the city with the protagonists helps to expand the world of the series. This also helps the audience truly understand what the environment in the city is like.

What I liked about how this introduction of Ergastulum was done in the episode is how the audience was able to see what happens through Alex’s eyes. From what’s been said in the dialogue, Alex seems to have not been there for very long, so the audience is able to learn along with her. There are times during the past couple of episodes of GANGSTA. where I almost felt as if I was Alex.

Even though there wasn’t much action in Episode Three, I still enjoyed watching it and getting to learn more about the characters and the city that they call home. And with the revelations that we learn about both Worick and Nicolas, it feels like the story is starting to be set up for something major to happen, especially in regards to Nicolas. I suspect the fact that he’s a Tag is going to be playing an important role in the story going forward.

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