The first half of Episode 38 focuses on the press conference that Osamu was brought to. Osamu actually holds his own pretty well against all the reporters angrily yelling questions at him. This is definitely one of the better scenes that Osamu has received in World Trigger up to this point, and it shows there’s potentially more to him than the bland protagonist that he’s appeared to be.

But as Osamu answers questions, he unknowingly reveals classified information. Fortunately, Kido is able to spin things in a way where it sounds like it’s a new mission in the works, so that keeps Osamu out of trouble. But another important development arises out of the press conference: Osamu’s mother, who had been against Osamu joining Border, gives him her blessing after seeing how he handled himself at the press conference. His mother still comes across as rather emotionless, but at least she’s changed her opinion when it comes to Osamu’s involvement with Border.

The second half of the episode introduces the B-Rank Wars. Right at first, Rindo has to find ways to get Yuma and Chika up to B-Rank. Chika is given Osamu and Yuma’s bonus points from the battle, but Yuma has to earn points to get up to B-Rank on his own. I wasn’t too surprised to see that he has to go up against the three idiot boys from earlier in the series. The idiots have become rather cocky after surviving the invasion, but Yuma knocks them out quickly. I can’t remember if this was in the manga or not, but it felt like something that was simply thrown in so Yuma could be seen earning his points and move the story on to the B-Rank Wars.

We get to see the first fight in the B-Rank Wars, which includes Osamu’s team officially becoming known as Tamakoma-2. Osamu has to sit out, since he’s still healing, but this first fight goes by quickly and ends before the episode concludes. I remember it went the same way in the manga, but future fights in the B-Rank Wars won’t be this quick. But with this first one, it was over so quickly that there was no time to truly get into it before it ended.

So the first fight in the B-Rank Wars is already over at the end of Episode 38. I know I’ve been harping on this a lot, but I’m wondering how the series is going to get 12 more episodes out of the currently existing manga material since it’s closer to catching up. I really hope they don’t end up trying to stretch out future fights in the B-Rank Wars just to reach that episode count. At this point, since I already know what’s coming in the story from the manga, I’m watching more to see what Toei ends up doing to adapt the source material and reach their 50 episode goal than for anything else.

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