Shirayuki, an herbalist in a small medieval village, becomes the target of Prince Raj. The prince wants her to become his concubine because of her unusual red hair. Shirayuki is rightfully offended by this, so she decides she’s going to run away. She cuts off some of her hair and leaves it behind, then crosses the border into a neighboring kingdom. As we see later in the episode, she’s not entirely happy about the color of her hair because of all the attention it gets her. It’s not only the prince who’s fascinated by it, because we see one of the townspeople come into her shop simply to admire Shirayuki’s hair. Shirayuki’s issue is something that a lot of people can relate to, since there’s usually at least one thing that somebody doesn’t like about themselves.

From the early scenes in the episode, I could tell that Shirayuki would be a character that I would like. She is sweet, helpful, beautiful, and she also has agency. She’s not going to let people with sexist ideas push her around, and she’s willing to be her own independent person.

As she wanders, she comes across a fancy house, but no one is home when she knocks. She falls asleep outside, and when she wakes up the next morning, she sees a boy about her age jumping over a nearby wall. He’s so distracted when he sees her that he trips and injures himself. After some convincing, Shirayuki and Zen seem to become friends.

Since this is a Snow White story, you know that poisoned apples to have to play a role somewhere and this episode didn’t disappoint. However, it’s not Shirayukji who’s poisoned. Even though she’s an herbalist, Shirayuki doesn’t have an antidote for the poison, and is forced back to her village to see Prince Raj. Several surprising revelations are made near the end of the episode, but these surprises worked for the story and made me like the characters even more.

I thought the animation in Snow White with the Red Hair looked rather nice, and I especially loved seeing how lush the backgrounds are. I was truly convinced that I was watching something taking place in medieval times. While the characters have typical shojo designs, the artistry of the animators helps to make them not look as average as they might have.

So far, I think Snow White with the Red Hair has a lot of potential. I’m really enjoying the characters, the storytelling, and the look of the series. Now that it appears that Shirayuki has successfully managed to get away from Raj, I’m curious to see where the storyline will head to next.

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