Tokyopop announced at its Anime Expo 2015 panel that it is planning to begin publishing manga again in 2016. The company is seeking to license “hidden gems that are not yet noticed” from small or independent publishers. In addition, it also plans to publish art books and collectors editions, and will consider light novels.

The company is also looking to get into film and television production. Founder Stu Levy said the company has 20 properties — live-action and animation — including Knockouts and Riding Shotgun. The company is also planning an anime review YouTube series.

Tokyopop also announced that it is planning a “Pop Comics” iOS and Android app that lets users upload their own comics to share. Users keep the copyright and 100% creative control of their uploaded works.

Tokyopop shut down its North American publishing operations in May 2011. The company has since collaborated with Right Stuf and Gentosha Comics to release the fourth and fifth volumes of Hidekaz Himaruya’s Hetalia manga, and has uploaded several titles to the comiXology digital platform.

Source: ANN