The Dimension W Manga Is Getting an Anime

FUNimation Entertainment announced at its Anime Expo 2015 panel that an anime is adapting the Dimension W manga by Darker than Black character designer and King of Thorn manga creator Yuji Iwahara. FUNimation Entertainment said that it is “part of the committee of the anime” and screened a preview video.

In the story, humanity harnessed a new inexhaustible energy from inventions called “Coils” in 2051. In 2072, a skilled recovery specialist named Kyōma Mabuchi encounters a mysterious, beautiful woman right in the middle of a certain job. It is a fateful encounter that opens the door to the new dimension “W.”

Iwahara launched Dimension W in Square Enix’s Young Gangan magazine in 2011.

Source: ANN

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