Case Closed: Episode 782 – “The Scarlet Return”

Episode 782 intercuts between Bourbon interrogating Subaru Okiya at the Kudo home and Jodie and Camel heading to Raiha Pass to try to find their own answers for this particular case. For the first half of the episode, between these two sets of characters, the mystery of what happened to Shuichi Akai and Kusuda Rikumichi starts to become unraveled. Admittedly, this turns into a bit of “info dumping,” but it’s needed in order for the audience to have all the pieces fall into place.

Action starts to kick in during the second half of the episode when goons hired by the Organization try to capture Jodie and Camel. Camel manages to get past a blockade, but they are quickly being pursued by the goons. The situation escalates when Camel realizes he damaged the vehicle during their escape, and it looks like they have no way to get away.

But the ending of the episode brings about surprises for Camel and Jodie, as well as for Bourbon. We basically see what the result of Camel and Jodie’s surprise is, but not the one for Bourbon. I’m hoping that the next episode will provide an explanation for the surprise that Bourbon received.

For the most part, Conan isn’t integral in this episode. In fact, the only times we see him are in flashbacks or in people’s thoughts. We do see him in the actual story briefly during one scene, but his appearance is for something going on behind the scenes. To me, it was a little strange to watch an episode of Case Closed and to have Conan hardly show up in it.

This has been such an interesting story arc to follow since it started back up a few weeks ago. It originally started out as a case to determine who attacked a teacher who is friends with Jodie, and it has now escalated to a much bigger mystery that is finally starting to be solved. From the preview for the next episode, it appears there will be plenty of action with Jodie and Camel. But I suspect that we’ll see Bourbon and his side of the story, even though it wasn’t included in the preview.

I’m very interested in seeing where this story arc progresses to, as well as finding out how much longer this arc will run. I don’t know if it will reach its conclusion before moving on to a different story, or if it will stop soon and pick back up again at a later date. But with the way the story appears to be reaching its climax, I would be surprised if this story arc isn’t resolved before moving on to the next mystery.

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