Episode 13 sees the current Yuki continuing her existential crisis, but she seems to be becoming more aware that the other Yuki may soon manifest herself and that she will disappear. But before this can happen, she makes sure to find ways to create some happy memories for both Asakura and Kyon before she disappears. However, she doesn’t tell them about her suspicions that she may soon be gone. As I read the subtitles of Yuki’s thoughts on this subject, her reasoning for not saying anything made a lot of sense to me. It might sound cruel on the surface, but she’s ultimately thinking what would be best for the others.

In this episode, something very important happens: this Yuki comes to realize that she also has feelings for Kyon. This realization leads to this Yuki doing something that has the potential to alter the relationship between Yuki and Kyon going forward. It’s with this action that Yuki finally admits to Kyon that she will disappear and the original will return. There’s a very emotional scene right at the end of the episode that focuses on Kyon as he’s trying to process everything that this Yuki has told him. I felt rather sorry for Kyon by the end of that scene.

There are so many possibilities for where the series can head to next, thanks to the actions of the Yuki who is disappearing. The regular Yuki will have no idea what happened, but Kyon will more than likely start acting a little differently than she’s used to. According to the preview for Episode 14, it’s going to be titled, “Her Confusion.” When you realize how much happened with the “new” Yuki over the course of these three episodes that she’ll be unaware of, she’s likely going to feel that she has missing memories during that period of time. And how will the regular Yuki cope with this? The other Yuki was more grounded and stoic, which made it a little easier for her to deal with the unknown. But the regular Yuki from this series doesn’t have those traits, so any confusion she has to deal with will be a lot harder for her.

I’m looking forward to seeing Episode 14 in order to find out how the relationship between the regular Yuki and Kyon will be, as well as the reactions the regular Yuki will have to any confusion that will come her way due to the storyline of this three episode arc.

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