Manga Review: Blue Exorcist Volume 13

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Blue Exorcist Volume 13 focuses on a high school boy named Rin Okumura and his friends, who all attend True Cross Academy to learn how to become Exorcists.

Blue Exorcist Volume 13
Written by: Kazue Kato
Publisher: Shueisha
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: June 2, 2015

Volume 13 opens with Izumo’s familiar Mike as he finishes sharing Izumo’s backstory with her friends. I was impressed with the backstory for Izumo that was presented in Volume 12, and I thought the backstory included in this volume was effective for establishing why Izumo acts the way she does later in Volume 13.

Meanwhile, we see Izumo being escorted by Shima, her classmate who’s working as a spy for the Illuminati, the organization that is keeping her captive. She tries to make an attempt to escape by summoning her familiars. There’s an exciting chase scene and confrontation that takes place, and I found myself rooting for Izumo to succeed. Unfortunately, Shima is able to get the better of her and takes her back to the lab she had escaped from.

Rin Okumura, along with his brother and some of their classmates, launch a rescue mission to rescue Izumo. When they make it inside, they find zombies that they must fight against. And as they fight, a disposal opens and drops them into various sections of the feeding area. At this point, much of the action in the remainder of Blue Exorcist Volume 13 focuses on Rin and the others as they battle with the zombies.

There’s also a portion of Volume 13 that focuses on Lucifer, the commander-in-chief of the Illuminati. This section also illustrates how much of a suck up that Professor Gedoin is, as well as how much of an ego the professor has. We also get to see Shima telling Lucifer what he knows about Rin. Shima is definitely trying to become more entrenched in what the Illuminati is doing, and he also seems to be trying hard to win the trust of the organization.

Volume 13 does a great job of developing and building up Izumo as a character. The more that I see of her backstory, the more she becomes a sympathetic character. This volume also reinforces the fact that Professor Gedoin is creepy and that he is a character that the reader just cannot like. Not only is he trying to perform creepy experiments, he also has quite an ego that makes him rather annoying.

When it comes to the art, Kato’s style gives the characters a distinctive look, and it also grabs the reader’s attention. There are also some well-drawn action sequences that appear in this volume.

Blue Exorcist Volume 13 should appeal to readers who have been following the series since the very beginning. Readers will also be able to appreciate how Volume 13 builds off of the story that was presented in Volume 12. The Blue Exorcist manga series as a whole should be of interest to readers who enjoy stories that feature action and supernatural elements.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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