Episode 12 has a strong focus on Yuki and Kyon, with a bit of time being spent on the two of them at the library. During their first trip to the library, this Yuki sees the memory of the other Yuki getting her library card with Kyon’s help, and this starts a chain reaction that this Yuki doesn’t seem to understand.

This Yuki begins to have dreams where she’s off in the distance, watching what happened to the other Yuki in her memories. The first memory we get to see is the full scene of when Yuki first met Kyon in the library and he helped her get a library card. It was great finally getting to see the full scene of what happened. Prior to this, we had only gotten one brief clip of their first meeting.

Later, this Yuki finds herself slowly starting to act in ways that the other Yuki does, and she starts wondering if the other personality is reawakening. This Yuki also spends time thinking over what’s happening as it appears her consciousness and the other Yuki’s consciousness are starting to meld together. This confusion is perfectly illustrated right at the end of the episode, when this Yuki has a dream where her memories and the other Yuki’s memories start being intermingled or they become fuzzier, like when old fashioned television sets would have trouble receiving stations. The effects used for these dreams of Yuki’s, especially this final dream, worked perfectly to illustrate the confusion that this Yuki is going through.

Episode 12 basically sees Yuki going through an existential crisis, and it becomes more and more intense as the story progresses. If what this Yuki theorizes is correct, there could be some major repercussions that could happen if the other Yuki’s personality reawakens. The way this episode ended really makes me want to watch next week to find out what’s going to happen to Yuki.

Personally, I’ve really been enjoying the overall more serious tone that this particular story arc has presented. In fact, this particular story arc has been my favorite one so far in The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan. There’s at least one more part to it, since the preview for the next episode says it’s the third part. I don’t know how much longer it will run, but I expect it’ll be over either in the next episode or the one right after. Right now, this story arc is helping to make up for the episodes I saw earlier in the series that I didn’t enjoy as much. Hopefully once this arc is over, I’ll be able to enjoy what comes after this.

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