As the title of Episode 35 declares, the battle with the Neighbors comes to an end. It takes about half of the episode to bring the main battle to its conclusion, which results in some interesting surprises. Something major happens to Replica, Osamu is in a major fix, Shuji surprises the head honchos at Border Headquarters, and Chika’s cube isn’t where the audience and Hyrein think it is. A lot actually happens during the first half of the episode, but it doesn’t feel rushed. The first half of the episode also includes roughly four minutes of recap, but once it gets past the recap, the action is constantly going. It’s too bad that this hasn’t always been the case with this series, but it got to the point in the battle where they just can’t stretch it out anymore.

The rest of the episode sees Border forces taking care of the remaining Trion soldiers, as well as starting to see those transformed into Trion cubes returning to normal. We also see what happens to Hyuse and Jin, as well as the Neighbors’ reactions to what happened during the battle.

The biggest question that’s left lingering at the end of the episode is whether or not Osamu will recover from the injuries he sustained during the battle. The only other thing that’s still outstanding is the public’s reaction to the battle and the fact that some Border agents were kidnapped by the Neighbors. Outside of those two things, most of the loose ends that were created by the battle have been wrapped up.

Now that the battle has officially ended, there are still 15 more episodes left to fill. Where the manga stands right now, there isn’t enough there to fill up the remaining episodes. But the preview for Episode 36 seems to indicate that the audience will get to see what’s going on in Osamu’s head while he’s in his coma. I’ve read what happens at this point in the manga, and I can guarantee that this was not included. So from all appearances, it looks like the anime writer(s) and director decided to add this in as a filler episode in order to help reach their remaining episode quota. My 14-year-old son pointed out that technically, Osamu would have had this going on in his head while in a coma, but it just wasn’t depicted in the manga, so it’s “kind of canon.”

So, it’s going to be interesting to see if Episode 36 ends up being indicative of whether or not the World Trigger anime is going to start relying on various “filler” episode tricks in order to make it to their 50 episode commitment.

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