Episode 12 takes place in the aftermath of the fight in Shinjuku between the humans and the vampires. This was a little disappointing, since Episode 11 ended with reinforcements from the Japanese Imperial Army showing up and seemed to hint that we would get to see the ending of the battle. We only end up getting to see bits and pieces of what happened with the remainder of the battle through a small handful of flashbacks that appear in the episode.

We learn that at the start of the episode, Yuichiro has been in a coma for five days. A concerned Shinoa goes to confront Guren about what happened to Yuichiro on the battlefield and eventually gets some truth out of him by the end of their conversation. What Shinoa learns had been hinted at to the audience earlier in the series, but this allows us to see that Shinoa now knows this information as well.

The episode also shows Mika interacting with some of the vampires other than Ferid. Through these interactions, we see that the other vampires view Mika as Kruel Tepes’ pet and don’t necessarily think very highly of him. But as we see in this episode, Mika is definitely torn and confused. On the one hand, he hates the vampires for enslaving him and the other kids from the orphanage, but on the other, he now hates the humans because he’s learned about the experimentation that’s been going on. The story seems to be setting Mika up for confusion as to where he ultimately belongs.

Much of the second half of Episode 12 focuses on Yuichiro waking up from his coma after seven days. This lets the audience see him interacting with Shinoa and the others, and we get to see that Yuichiro has truly come to think of the others in his squad as his friends. That’s a major step forward for Yuichiro, and hopefully this development will continue going forward.

In a lot of respects, this ended up being primarily an exposition episode with very little action involved. Since this is the last episode for this season before Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign goes on a break until Fall 2015, it ended up feeling a little anti-climactic. The episode ended with something that will make the audience wonder what they saw, but this isn’t quite the dramatic ending that I had anticipated before stepping away from the series for about three months.

Even though this episode of Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign didn’t end on quite the note I had expected, I’m still planning on coming back to watch the next cour in October 2015.

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