Assassination Classroom: Episode 22 – “Nagisa Time”

The first half of Episode 22 focuses on the showdown between Nagisa and Takaoka. This section is full of tension, and it truly looks like Nagisa isn’t going to win. I was on the edge of my seat, wondering how Nagisa could ever overcome the odds. But between words from Terasaka and Koro Sensei and a flashback to something he learned from Irina’s teacher, Nagisa figures out what he needs to do in order to overcome the challenge in front of him and defeat Takaoka. I nearly wanted to cheer when I saw how this was resolved, and I was glad to see the “little guy” get his comeuppance over the big, bad bully.

The second half of the episode sees the group trying to figure out how they’re going to save their sick classmates since Takaoka blew up most of the antidote for the poison. While he did have some vials on him, it’s not enough to help everyone. The three assassins from earlier escape and come to the roof and explain the truth about the poison. On the one hand, I knew deep down that the situation couldn’t be as dire as it was appearing to be. But on the other, after hearing the explanation, it kind of felt like a cop-out. Sure, Assassination Classroom is more comedic in nature, but I did feel a little deceived by how the audience was led to believe that the situation was worse than it really was for multiple episodes. Oh well. Even though I was a little disappointed by that, I still enjoyed the episode overall.

But there was one thing that bugged me during this story arc. Right before they left for the trip, the A Class made it sound like they were going to be giving the E Class a hard time during the trip. But the A Class never made an appearance during this final arc, and the focus ended up being on the assassination attempt on Koro Sensei and on the students being poisoned.

The episode ends with the students just starting into their second term, which leaves the door open for another season. It’s been reported that at the end of the episode, there was a final screen that announced that another season of Assassination Classroom will be coming in 2016. I watched this episode on FUNimation Entertainment’s site, and they cut off this screen from their stream, so I only found out by seeing a report on Anime News Network. I’d heard a report not too long ago that there would be more Assassination Classroom, but it hadn’t said when to expect more episodes. At least I have some idea now. And hopefully the A Class will make more appearances in the next season.

Now that I’ve finished this season, I’m looking forward to seeing the second season of Assassination Classroom when it comes out. This was a series I came to look forward to watching every Friday, and I’m going to miss seeing it.

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