Episode 10 sees Yuichiro and Shinoa becoming separated from the others after a cave-in, but that the others have a way to get out. Shinoa orders the other three to go on ahead to the defensive line while she and Yuichiro take a corporal to an above ground base for medical treatment. At the above ground base, Shinoa and Yuichiro learn that they are supposed to meet up with Guren, who is engaged in major combat with the vampires’ forces. But after they overhear that their teammates are potentially in an area where the human forces are being annihilated, Yuichiro decides to go to the defensive line first.

The scene where Yuichiro and Shinoa argue over getting to their comrades or following Guren’s orders highlights one of Yuichiro’s major traits. We’ve seen and heard throughout the series so far how Yuichiro refuses to abandon friends or teammates after his experience in the vampire city, and this scene helps to reinforce this personality trait. This leads to Yuichiro and Kimizuki having a heated discussion after the last of the vampires is defeated. Kimizuki wants Yuichiro to trust his teammates more, and Yuichiro says he doesn’t distrust his teammates. It’s just that his experiences make him want to come and help when he hears that they’re in a pinch. This scene also highlights the conflicts that Yuichiro and Kimizuki have with each other.

Episode 10 also features the battle between Guren’s forces and the vampires’ forces. Guren finds himself going up against Mikaela while many of his subordinates are fighting against the other vampires. When the fighting first got underway, this series briefly relied on a trick that World Trigger has used somewhat regularly: instead of animating action, still images are drawn and the camera moves around to give the viewer an illusion of motion. While this cheat was probably done to cut some corners on the animation for this episode, at least this only lasted for at most two or three seconds.

This battle is very action oriented, and it looks like things won’t be going Guren’s way when Ferid jumps in to help Mikaela. But right near the end of the episode, Yuichiro and his squad arrive on the scene. I really liked how Episode 10 ended, because the viewer is just as shocked as Mikaela and Yuichiro when the final action of the episode takes place. While I will say that Mikaela and Yuichiro reunite at the end, I’m not going to say what the shocking action is. You’ll have to watch the episode for yourself to find out.

I thought that Episode 10 of Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign flowed very well. I found myself engaged with what was going on and wanting to find out what would happen next. When Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign gets the action moving, it keeps the momentum going and is very effective.

I’m looking forward to seeing Episode 11 in order to find out what will happen to both Mikaela and Yuichiro in the wake of the shocking action that took place at the end of this episode.

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