AnimEigo to Launch a Kickstarter for Riding Bean Special Edition

AnimEigo announced on its Kickstarter page for Otaku no Video that the company will launch a Kickstarter in Summer 2015 for a “High Octane Edition” of Riding Bean.

In the story, Bean Bandit and his partner Rally Vincent are couriers for hire – transporting clients and delivering goods in his custom sports car “Roadbuster” for a hefty price. But when they are hired to escort a kidnapped girl named Chelsea to her home, they don’t realize they’re being framed for kidnapping as their former clients Semmerling and Carrie plan their escape with Chelsea’s father and the ransom money.

The 1989 OVA is based on a manga by Kenichi Sonoda. AnimEigo released Riding Bean in 2002 on a dual-audio DVD—its first anime release along with MADOX-01.

Source: ANN

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