AnimEigo Meets Otaku no Video Blu-ray Kickstarter Goal

AnimEigo met its Kickstarter goal to release the Otaku no Video anime on an “Otaking Edition Subtitled Anime Blu-Ray” on June 2, 2015. Over 500 backers made pledges and reached the initial goal of US$40,000 within 14 hours of the fundraising campaign’s launch.

The campaign will continue until June 25, 2015, and stretch goals will unlock bonuses such as new cover art by character designer Kenichi Sonoda (1,982 backers), a new four-page manga by Sonoda (3,967 backers), and Klingon subtitles (5,958 backers). AnimEigo founder Robert J. Woodhead said that he “will announce the next project as soon as this one hits its goal.”

The campaign aims to release Gainax’s Otaku no Video OVA on Blu-ray Disc for its 25th anniversary. Kickstarter backers would receive the “Otaking Edition,” which includes the first “1982 Otaku no Video” episode and the “1985 Zoku Otaku no Video” followup, in Japanese with English subtitles. The release would not be region-coded and would be available to ship anywhere in the world except Japan. The campaign plans to use the same HD transfer as the Japanese Blu-ray Disc, which shipped in Japan last year.

Rewards include: backers’ names listed when the disc loads, signed production cels, customized sketches, and Sonoda’s dōjinshi. Digital rewards include high-resolution color art, character line art, after-recording scripts, and cel scans.

The “Otaking Edition” would also include four subtitled commentary tracks (two for each episode) curated by anime historian Toru Sano and featuring voice actress Kikuko Inoue, animation producer Shouji Murahama, Gainax president and founding member Hiroyuki Yamaga, and anime producer Hiroki Sato.

Source: ANN

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