Review: Weekly Shonen Jump (June 1, 2015)

This issue includes chapters for World Trigger, One Piece, Devilyman, My Hero Academia, Bleach, Toriko, Nisekoi: False Love, Black Clover, Food Wars!, and One-Punch Man. This issue also includes the fifth chapter of the Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring mini-series and the fourth chapter of Yu-Gi-Oh! (which is the latest title to be featured for the “Jump Back” initiative).

For the series that carried over from previous issues I’ve read, I tried to put a little more focus in my write-ups about the progression of the story from the previous chapter. I will warn you that these write-ups will more than likely contain spoilers.

I only started reading Weekly Shonen Jump back in late February/early March of 2014, which means there’s a number of series published in the magazine that I jumped in the middle of. Since then, I’ve been able to start reading older chapters of some of the titles, but I haven’t managed to do this for all of the titles yet. Because of this, there may be times I might inadvertently include incorrect information in the write-ups. If you see something in a write-up that’s incorrect due to my having not read earlier chapters of a series, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know. Not only can I correct the incorrect information in the write-up, it will also help provide information for me to have when reading future chapters of a series in Weekly Shonen Jump.

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World Trigger CH:104

At the beginning of the chapter, there are six days until the next match in the B-Rank Wars. Director Rindo takes Yuma to see Mr. Kido, and Osamu accompanies them. When they get into the car, they see Hyuse is already sitting in the back seat. When they arrive at headquarters, Hyuse is interrogated but refuses to answer any questions about his home world. Shinoda asks Yuma how Neighbors treat prisoners, and he explains. Shinoda begins talking with Hyuse, but he is unable to get any answers out of him. Yuma is then told to help Mr. Kinuta with a mission. Right at the end of the chapter, it’s revealed that Border headquarters has a Black Rad in its possession.

The purpose of this chapter seems to be to show that Hyuse is finally being questioned by Border and that he’s not going to give up information very easily. It’s also an important chapter because of the revelation of the Black Rad at the end of it. From what I see, it appears that dealing with the Black Rad will be the focus of the next chapter when it’s published. As a Neighbor, Yuma should have some knowledge about it and how to deal with it. It’ll be interesting to see what interacting with the Black Rad will ultimately reveal.

It should be noted that World Trigger will be off next week.

Naruto: The Seventh Hokage and the Scarlet Spring CH:005

Fortunately, before Sasuke can do anything, Sarada blurts out that she’s his daughter. Just then, Naruto and Cho Cho arrive, and Sasuke demands to know what’s going on. Sarada gives an explanation, and then asks if Sakura is her real mother. Sarada shows Sasuke the picture of Team Taka that she found and begins asking Sasuke questions, including what he’s been doing all this time. When Sasuke says it has nothing to do with her, Sarada barges out. Naruto goes after Sarada and talks to her. Sakura learns about Sarada finding the picture of Team Taka and her leaving to ask Sasuke questions, so Sakura heads out after Sarada.

Later, we see the mysterious figure reveal itself and declare that the Akatsuki is revived. The mysterious man, along with Shin, launch an attack on Sarada. Fortunately, Naruto and Sasuke are both able to jump in before anything can happen to her.

I liked getting to see the flashback sequence that’s included here that explains what Sasuke has been up to and why he hasn’t been around. Since Sasuke won’t give Sarada the explanation, this was a nice way to fill the audience in on what’s been going on. And I also appreciated seeing the mysterious guy revealed, although he looks rather freaky with all the eyes he has on his head. And it turns out that the Akatsuki has been revived. I’m interested in learning more about this mysterious guy with all the eyes and why he has decided to resurrect that Akatsuki. I suspect that Sasuke’s theory in the flashback does help to explain this to some extent, but it would be nice to get an officially confirmed reason.

One Piece CH:788

It turns out Dandelixirs, which are made from Princess Mansherry’s healing tears, can provide miraculous healing over a wide area. Unfortunately, its healing ability only lasts a few minutes. People are being ordered to help Zoro and the others who are trying to push the birdcage. We then see Violet approaching Doflamingo, and she’s determined to fight him to the death. We then see that the effort to slow down the birdcage seems like it’s starting to work a little. With their effort, they make the cage stop for a moment before it starts moving again. Right at the end of the chapter, it’s said that there’s still one minute left until Luffy’s recovery.

So from what we see, it looks like this chapter takes up about two minutes’ worth of time in the manga story. It also appears a way has been found to stop the birdcage, even if it’s only for a moment. Stopping it enough could buy Luffy enough time to recover his haki and get back into the battle. But when he does get into it, there’s a chance that Viola might already be fighting with Doflamingo. And I’m impressed that Oda allowed about two minutes of time elapse in the chapter, because I was seriously afraid he’d try to find ways to stretch out the story to make those three minutes last for several chapters. Hopefully this means that Luffy will be active in the story again within the next couple of chapters.

Devilyman CH:002

Madogawa asks Aeru who he is, but all he answers is what’s obvious. Madogawa seems convinced there’s more to Aeru than he lets on and is determined to discover what the truth is. We then learn that Madogawa can become smaller when he’s splashed with hot water, and then can be made big again with a splash of cold water. As Aeru walks with Madogawa in his overalls, he bumps into a woman. After she leaves, Aeru discovers a purse with one million yen in it, and then decides they’re going to deliver it to the lady. It’s not that Aeru is doing this out of the goodness of his heart, he just smells money.

They track the woman down to a church. Aeru trips as they head to the church, and he is helped up by Reverend Shiro Shido. When Aeru shakes the reverend’s hand, he uses his ability to read the reverend’s mind. We then see the reverend in front of the congregation, claiming that he will heal a woman possessed by a creature and that he will use holy water to save her. Aeru then reveals to Madogawa that the reverend is actually the devil personified. When the reverend asks for another volunteer, Aeru says he’ll do it, and then he claims to be possessed by the creature. Madogawa then appears to make it seem like a demon appeared, who says the reverend pissed off a bunch of devils and that he will be let go if he shows remorse. The reverend begins admitting to all the sinful things he’s done. Afterward, a young man goes up to the woman who lost her purse and says that a boy asked him to hand it to her. Inside, there’s a note that reads, “You are free.”

While I’m still not completely sold on Devilyman yet, I have to admit that Chapter Two was stronger than Chapter One. Since the two main characters are now established, the emphasis can be on telling a story instead of trying to develop characters. The one thing that really stood out to me in this chapter was learning that Madogawa could change size with hot and cold water; this really made me think of Ranma 1/2 and how Ranma can change his gender by what kind of water is splashed onto him. I wonder if Ranma 1/2 may have served as an inspiration for that quirk.

My Hero Academia CH:044

This chapter opens with the awards ceremony. All Might presents the medals and talks with each of the winners, and Todoroki confides about what happened to him after his match against Midoriya. Afterward, we see that in light of the festival, the students will have a couple days off from school. We then see Ida rushing into his brother’s hospital room. This is followed by Todoroki going to the hospital to see his mother. We then also see some of the characters at home with their families.

The main important things that take place in this chapter focus on Todoroki and on Ida, even thought Ida only gets a short scene. Todoroki is definitely doing some contemplation, and he may perhaps end up starting to become a different character because of it. Outside of that, though, there was focus placed on some light-hearted moments. I suspect that this chapter is here to give the reader a short reprieve before launching into the next arc of the story.

Bleach CH:628

It’s discovered that Reiokyu has been destroyed and that a rebuilt Quincy town was placed on top of it. Ichigo and the others also learn that Yoruichi has a younger brother, and they’re trying to figure out what he looks like. We then see Yushiro, Renji, and Byakuya, with Byakuya realizing that the reishi in the area is under Quincy control. Both Ichigo’s group and the 13 Court Squads head toward Yhwach’s palace right at the end of the chapter.

Sigh. After finally making some progress in progressing the story, Kubo is returning to trying to stretch things out in order to make this arc last longer. I felt that the part where Ichigo and the others try to figure out what Yoruichi’s brother looks like was a waste of time and was there more to kill time than anything else. Hopefully we’re not going to have several months where all the chapters do is to drag the story out.

Toriko CH:325

The chapter opens with an explanation of the Black Triangle and that this is likely where they will find the fish treasure, Another. There’s also an explanation about Another and its spawn. Aimaru drops a bead of pair onto the real globe, and it shows a Gourmet Slime Mold. The thought is to use this to try to track down Another. They then witness Mother Tonadoes, which follow the path of the Mother Snake when she made her way across the Earth. They are also introduced to the Revolving Islands. The islands stop moving before they land with the dirigible turtle. A creature known as a Wave Boy tries to attack, Brunch arrives and attacks it with lightning and fire. They’re surprised to see Starjun with him. Gold Chef Jiji appears right at the end of the chapter.

This primary purpose of this chapter was to provide exposition to establish the search for the fish treasure, Another. I understand that the explanations were necessary, it still doesn’t change the fact that this ended up being a rather boring chapter to read. Any real action takes place right at the very end, but it comes after wading through so much exposition that it’s hard to be as excited for what happened as I might have been if I didn’t spend so many pages getting explanations.

Nisekoi: False Love CH:172

When Raku returns to Japan, Chitoge invites everyone to go to the first shrine visit of the new year. It turns out that Marika is unable to make it because she was worn out from her trip with Raku. After hearing this, Raku decides he needs to check in on her later. The various characters start talking about what they want to wish for, since this shrine is known for making what people pray for actually happen. Onodera finds Chitoge, and the two of them talk, with Onodera saying what she plans to wish for. Of course, neither one knows that the crush they’re talking about is Raku. We then see each character as they make their wish.

While this chapter gives some insight into some of the characters, it’s definitely meant more as a way to give the reader a little break after going through three storylines of Raku spending time with one of the members of his harem. Not a lot may have truly happened in this chapter, at least we got to see some focus on some the various members of the harem and their friends.

Black Clover CH:015

We get to see another quick flashback for Luck, and learn that even though his mother has died, he still thinks he has to win in order for his mother to accept him. When Asta and Noelle arrive and offer their help, Luck tries to refuse at first. But after thinking about it, Luck realizes that he’s not alone and that fighting together sounds like lots more fun. We then return to Yuno, who has returned to help his Golden Dawn team members take on their opponent. Back with Luck, Asta, and Noelle, it looks like they’re in trouble from a gas their opponent has activated. But Luck comes up with a way to work with the others to clear away the gas and to get a hit in on their opponent.

This chapter primarily focuses on Luck, Asta, and Noelle, but it does cut away a couple of times to Yuno and Golden Dawn. But since most of the focus is on Luck and his Black Bull companions, more progression is made in that battle than in the bit of Golden Dawn’s battle that is shown. Since Luck and the others made good progress in their battle, I’m hoping the next chapter will focus more on Yuno and Golden Dawn.

Food Wars! CH:120

Soma talks to Erina about the school festival, and he tells her that he intends to set up a booth. He wants to do this in the hope of outselling Kuga’s booth in order to the upperclassman to notice him and take him up on a match. Soma approaches Megumi with his idea, and he asks if she knows what style of cooking Kuga specializes in; it turns out his speciality is Chinese food. Soma meets Miyoko Hojo, the heir to a restaurant in Yokohama’s Chinatown. From talking with Miyoko, Soma learns there’s more putting together a booth for the school festival than he thought. After school, Miyoko takes Soma to the Chinese Food Research Society, so Soma can see Kiga training his staff for his booth. Soma talks with Kuga and learns what his plans are for his booth. Soma also learns that with how big of a turnout the festival gets, a booth will have to be able to crank out over 1,000 servings a day.

This chapter is starting to set the school festival story arc in motion. Soma, along with the reader, is learning about everything that’s involved and expected from a booth at the festival. From what we see, it appears Soma may have to deal with some obstacles and overwhelming odds. However, knowing that Soma is the kind of character who never gives up, I think it’s safe to say that he’ll work at finding a way to make it past the obstacles and will have a booth at the festival.

One-Punch Man CH:043.3-044

In Chapter 43.3, Genos realizes that Sonic has created ten after-images. Saitama faces Sonic’s challenge, and Genos is surprised at how easily Saitama can counter the after-images. Saitama knocks the real Sonic out, and the woman who came to intimidate Saitama declares that Saitama is too strong and that it isn’t normal.

In Chapter 44, we see the woman talking with Genos and Saitama. We see that she feels inferior to her sister, Tornado, who is a Class S. This is her motivation for why she’s acted the way she has. At the end of the chapter, we see someone approaching Suppon, a savage found in an ice floe, thawed, and returned to life. He’s escaped from a lab and began harming people.

Saitama was able to take down Sonic rather quickly, and that was all that Chapter 43.3 covered. In Chapter 44, we got a small bit of development for the woman who had come to challenge Saitama. The ending of the chapter establishes the new danger of the escaped savage, and I have a feeling that Saitama will somehow become involved with this particular story.

Yu-Gi-Oh! CH:004

This chapter opens with a criminal escaping from jail. The news of the escaped convict is announced at school, and Anzu warns Yugi and Jonouchi to go straight home. The two boys realize that Anzu hasn’t walked home with them recently, and Jonouchi decides they should tail Anzu instead of going home. It turns out Anzu has a job at Burger World, a new restaurant that’s opened up in Domino City. It turns out that after school jobs are against the rules of their school and that she could be expelled if they find out. The escaped convict arrives at Burger World and takes Anzu hostage. When Anzu is in trouble, Yugi’s Millennium Puzzle activates, and he challenges the escaped convict to a game. Yugi finds a way to trap the convict and lead Anzu out of the restaurant.

I still find it interesting how this material is so different from what I know from the 4Kids dub of Yu-Gi-Oh! The manga makes it clear that Yugi has a crush on Anzu. With this story, Anzu is blindfolded, so she doesn’t see when Yugi transforms. She hears his voice afterward, but doesn’t think it’s Yugi. We see at the end of this chapter that Anzu has fallen in love with the man who rescued her. These romantic interests seem to be gone by the time the story reaches the Yu-Gi-Oh! story that’s well-known from the anime. Perhaps this is addressed in the manga?

And this is it for the “Jump Back” initiative, since the ending text reads, “To Be Continued in Volume 1.” Getting to read these four chapters of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga gave me an interesting glimpse into the characters and story before the story that I’m familiar with from the English presentation of the
Yu-Gi-Oh! anime.

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