Episode Nine focuses on the war between the vampires and the Japanese Imperial Demon Army that erupts in Shinjuku. Yuichiro, Shinoa, Yoichi, Kimizuki, and Mitsuba arrive right in the middle of it, and at first, they’re observing and commenting on what they’re seeing. To be honest, I thought this was a little odd. Yes, they need to take in what’s going on and try to figure out how they can help, but they only started moving when one of the vampires’ helicopters started firing in their direction.

After they help take down the vampires in their location, Yuichiro and his squad mates are sent to the defensive line in the west, where the army is having a harder time keeping the vampires back. On their way, Shinoa gives the three newbies a quick training session by giving them pills and explaining that they can help them synchronize with the demon in their Cursed Gear. Of course, it’s not a miracle pill. It only lasts for a certain amount of time, they can only take one pill at a time, and when it wears off they’re vulnerable. Near the end of the episode, the vehicle carrying them is shot at, and they’re ejected as it rolls over. This event sees the squad getting split in two, and it appears the next episode will see the two groups heading to different locations.

Even though much of Episode Nine focuses on the war and on the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, we also get to see an important scene with Mika. We see that he has an aversion to drinking human blood, and a flashback to four years earlier shows how Mika came to rely on the blood of Krul Tepes, the queen of the vampires. And after the flashback, we see that Mika is carrying around vials of Krul’s blood in a pouch. With this scene, we see that while Mika may be a vampire, he still seems to have retained enough of his humanity to avoid feeding on human blood. There had been one or two scenes that hinted at this earlier, but this particular scene really emphasized this particular trait.

Overall, Episode Nine did a good job of establishing the war that erupted in Shinjuku, and it has also laid the foundation for progressing the story. From the preview, it looks like Mika is going to play an important role in Episode 10. It’s been made very clear from the opening credits that Yuichiro and Mika are going to reunite, and I expect that reunion will be coming up very soon. I’m interested in seeing how this reunion will be played out.

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