Episode Eight sees Yuichiro, Shinoa, Yoichi, Kimizuki, and Mitsuba following the information given to them by the little girl they rescued in the previous episode. At first, nothing seems to be amiss. Yuichiro manages to take down two vampires by himself, so they believe there’s only five more left. But they get a surprise when they discover there are more vampires than they were led to believe. While Kimizuki thought something seemed odd when they first entered, Mitsuba had an explanation that seemed very believable. Unfortunately, FUNimation’s description of the episode gave away that this was a trap, so the surprise factor for viewers who hadn’t read the manga was completely gone.

Mitsuba is grabbed by one of the vampires and we see Mitsuba and Yuichiro’s conflicting philosophies come into play. Mitsuba doesn’t want to be rescued after someone was killed rescuing her prior to the start of the series, but Yuichiro doesn’t believe in leaving anyone behind after his experience escaping from the vampire city. It was interesting to see how this conflict ultimately played out, and how Mitsuba finally learns why Yuichiro acts the way he does. Obviously, there’s still conflict between these two characters by the end of the episode, but at least Mitsuba has a better understanding of why Yuichiro acts the way he does. My only complaint about this section of the episode is that we never actually get to see the group finish off the fight with the vampires. Instead, the story jumps ahead to the children who were being held captive being freed by Yuichiro and the others. This obviously means that they prevailed over the vampires, but it would have been nice if we could have actually seen what happened.

Near the end, the group encounters Lord Crowley, and it appears a major fight is going to break out. But two of Crowley’s cronies show up and tell him that Ferid is waiting for him in Shinjuku. So Crowley leaves, which allows the others to avoid another conflict. The episode ends with Yuichiro and the others heading for Shinjuku.

There was a humorous portion in this episode, when Kimizuki hotwires a vehicle. Yuichiro tries to drive it, but manages to crash into a utility pole. Shinoa tries to drive, but she’s too short to see over the steering wheel. With how serious and action oriented Episode Eight was, including this humorous scene helped to lighten the mood a little and provided viewers with a brief respite from the serious tone of the episode.

Overall, this was a pretty decent episode of Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign. While this may have kept the story from getting to Shinjuku, this stop was necessary in order to help develop Mitsuba as a character. Yuichiro received a bit of focus as well, but the main point of this episode was to develop Mitsuba. I’m looking forward to seeing Episode Nine in order to find out where the story is headed to next.

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