Episode Seven focuses on the characters getting ready to leave for their training camp at a hot spring and on the trip to get there. However, they don’t reach their destination by the end of this episode. From the preview, it appears the hot spring will be the focus of Episode Eight.

Before the trip, Asakura is freaking out because of seeing Kyon feeding Yuki in the club room in the previous episode. While she also saw them in each other’s arms, she’s sure that was due to some random accident. But she knows the feeding couldn’t be an accident, so she thinks Yuki and Kyon have grown closer. This leads to Asakura worrying about the various things that could happen between them during the trip to the hot spring. This was the second time in the series where we see Asakura have an emotional venting session with Haruhi, only to quickly regain her usual personality and make some kind of a declaration. This seems to be a quirk of Asakura’s that could potentially become a running gag throughout the series. It was amusing the first time I saw it, but this quirk didn’t work as well for me in this episode.

Speaking of quirks, we saw Yuki’s gluttony return in Episode Seven. While we had seen this quirk in the first episode or two of the series, it had all but disappeared. In some respects, I was a little disappointed to see it return. I didn’t find it to be that amusing of a quirk when I first saw it, and it was even less amusing here.

During the trip, they find they have some downtime before the courtesy van arrives to take them to the hot spring in the mountains. The group spends time going through a temple, and Haruhi was being more on the annoying side than anything else during this portion of the episode. And to be honest, with how much time was being spent at the temple, I was seriously thinking there was going to be a punch line about them getting so involved there that they missed their courtesy van. It turns out I wasn’t right on that, and that they are in the van right at the end of the episode.

I have to admit to having some trepidation knowing that the next episode will be set at a hot spring. Hot spring episodes tend to have notoriety in anime, and are generally seen as one of the “expected” episodes to appear. If we’re getting a hot spring episode now, how long is it until an episode set at a festival will be part of the story?

I have to say that I found Episode Seven to be rather “meh.” Right now, I find The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan to be rather “hit and miss.” Sometimes, the episodes are decent, but there have also been a few that have been on the “meh” side. I’m almost afraid that the series will end up being hit and miss for its entire run. I hope that it can improve and stay improved, but as time goes on, I’m having a harder time keeping my hopes up.

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