Episode 30 opens with what amounts to four minutes of recap. But the most puzzling part of the recap is the section where Kitora is narrating about events that happened after she was turned into a cube and captured by a Rabit. This was an odd decision, since I don’t think Kitora would really have any knowledge of what’s going on after she’s been turned into a cube. Honestly, it would have made more sense to have someone who’s actually still part of the battle handle some of the narrating duties. It almost felt like this was done so they could justify having the actress playing Kitora still on the payroll.

For the most part, Episode 30 jumps around a lot. We start out at Border Headquarters, where we see Suwa Squad starting to take on Enedora in Border headquarters. Then we see Shinoda giving Kido command and heading out of the control room. From seeing what happens in the manga later, I know what Shinoda is up to, but I can’t say anything right now without providing spoilers. But even if you haven’t read the manga, I suspect that you’ll be able to guess what Shinoda is planning to do. But this is all that we see at Border headquarters in this episode.

A brief portion of the episode focuses on Yuma and Viza’s fight, but nothing truly progresses in what we see. However, this is better than what Jin gets, since we don’t get to see anything happen with his conflict against Hyuse. The only time we see them is in a brief flashback sequence.

In the latter part of Episode 30, the emphasis is placed on Osamu, Chika, Karasuma, Natsume, and the C-Rank agents. With help from Chika, Osamu is finally able to pull off something impressive. Unfortunately, this is short-lived when Hyrein, the Neighbors’ captain, comes out onto the battlefield. Hyrein has a powerful weapon that can turn any Trion it touches into cubes. Let’s just say that this causes major issues for Osamu and the others, and the episode ends on a major cliffhanger.

At this point, it seems that there’s really only about 10 minutes of actual story in each episode once you take out the recaps, the opening, the omake, and the preview. Of course, this means that not as much story progression takes place as there could have been if there wasn’t as much recap. Unfortunately, trying to make the currently existing manga material last for 50 episodes is going to be a challenge, especially since the mangaka is currently on another break due to health issues. As of this writing, it hasn’t been said how long the mangaka will be taking off. I’m honestly afraid that the pacing is going to be getting worse soon, since there’s still another 20 episodes scheduled to be produced.

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