This year’s 24th issue of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine will publish the final chapter of Yū Miki’s Cyborg Roggy manga. The issue is also ending its serialization of Nobuaki Enoki and Takeshi Obata’s “shocking court mystery” manga series Gakkyu Hotei: School Judgment.

The issue noted that Shueisha will publish the end of the “Bloody Class Meeting” arc of Gakkyū Hōtei: School Judgment in Shueisha’s Jump+ digital magazine at the end of May 2015 and also in the third compiled volume of the manga.

The story of Gakkyu Hotei: School Judgment is described as:

As problems continue to plague the elementary school system, a new solution is enacted in the form of the School Judgment System. Now the young students themselves will be responsible for solving the issues that befall them. But are they up to the task?

The series relaunched in Japan on December 1, 2014. Enoki originally ran the first version of this manga under the same title in the Jump Live smartphone manga service in 2013. VIZ Media published the first three chapters of the manga in English in its digital Weekly Shonen Jump magazine as a part of its “Jump Start” initiative in November-December 2014, and then the company added the series as a permanent part of its lineup in December 2014.

The story of Cyborg Roggy is described as:

10 years ago, artificial biological implants known as “augmentation parts” were introduced into society. At the time, no one suspected the sinister turn of events that would come about because of body augmentations. And as the politicians and police stood by, the world watched as cyborg criminals, otherwise known as “augs,” turned the world on its head.

Miki launched the manga on February 23, 2015. VIZ Media also published the first three chapters of Cyborg Roggy in English in its digital Weekly Shonen Jump magazine as a part of its “Jump Start” initiative.

Source: ANN