Assassination Classroom: Episode 15 – “End-of-Term Time”

Assassination Classroom focuses on the students in Class 3-E at Kunugigaoka Junior High School, who are being taught by a powerful alien octopus creature who destroyed 70% of the moon. It’s the mission of these students to assassinate their teacher before graduation, and they are offered a reward of 10 billion yen from the Japanese government. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds, since the alien can move at Mach 20. Also, as part of the agreement, the teacher is unable to harm the students in any way. At the end of the first episode, the teacher is given the name of “Koro Sensei” by his students.

Episode 15 is leading up to finals. Koro Sensei makes a deal with his students: those who get the overall score and/or the best score in each subject will have the right to destroy one of his tentacles. As Koro Sensei explains, whenever he loses a tentacle, he slows down. Obviously, this fires up the members of the E Class to study and do well.

The episode also introduces the elite members of the accelerated A Class. These elite members are known as the Big Five, and they are led by the principal’s son, Gakushu Asano. Let’s just say that the phrase “like father, like son” is very appropriate for this character. However, the younger Asano is so ambitious that he even wants to find a way to control his father. Asano’s son realizes that his father is hiding something about the E Class, and he’s determined to find out what exactly it is.

When a group of students from the E Class have a run-in with Asano’s lackeys from the Big Five, a bet is made that whichever of their two classes snags the most top spots over all five subjects gets to make the loser do anything they want. When Asano finds out about the bet, he changes the rule so that the winner can only hand down one command to the losing class. Asano draws up a status of forces agreement that includes 50 clauses of the E Class pledging subordination to the A Class. It’s later revealed that Asano hid a nondescript item into the 50 clauses: that the E Class is forbidden from keeping secrets. Asano is using this competition as an opportunity to uncover what his father is hiding.

The younger Asano is as much of a jerk as his father. But this isn’t terribly surprising, since Gakushu’s learned everything he knows about controlling and manipulating others through his father. The introduction of the younger Asano definitely adds an interesting new layer to Assassination Classroom.

Unfortunately, this episode ends as the final exams are being handed out. So it looks like the next episode will probably be the one to reveal how the E Class did. Right now, the odds don’t seem to be in E Class’s favor, so how are they going to be able to beat the A Class and not reveal Koro Sensei and the assassination attempts?

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