The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan: Episode 4 – “Be My Valentine”

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan is set in an alternate universe for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, which sees Yuki as the president of the Literature Club. The other members of the club include Kyon and Asakura. In this universe, Yuki has a crush on Kyon.

Episode Four focuses on Valentine’s Day. Yuki decides she wants to make chocolate to give to Kyon, and asks Asakura for help. It’s a fortunate thing that Yuki asked for Asakura’s help, because it turns out that Yuki doesn’t know much of the basics when it comes to making chocolate.

The Literature Club doesn’t meet the day before Valentine’s Day, and Kyon finds himself being dragged around town by the ever exuberant Haruhi, who espouses her beliefs about the mysteries of the world and how she needs to find them. There’s a scene at a river where Haruhi is trying to find water imps. She slips, but Kyon is able to catch her. The way the scene is done, it almost comes across like there could be some romantic sparks between the two of them. However, this mood doesn’t last when Kyon says Haruhi will pay for making his feet cold. Sure, they laugh at the end of this scene, but it doesn’t seem to indicate any true romantic feelings between them.

On Valentine’s Day, Yuki is nervous about giving Kyon the chocolate that she made. She gets some unexpected encouragement from Tsuruya and Asahina, as well as Asakura trying to come up with a strategy for Yuki to give Kyon the chocolate after school in the club room. Just as it looks like Yuki might succeed, she sees something unexpected in the club room and loses her nerve. Poor Yuki. She was so close to conquering her shyness, and then this had to happen. The episode ends with Yuki seeing this sight, so we won’t know how things turn out until sometime in Episode Five.

While there was an overarching story in Episode Four, which will continue into Episode Five, it felt like this episode was trying to rely a little more on gags than either Episode Two or Three had. In this case, it was a competition between Asahina and Yuki’s cuteness that’s instigated by Tsuruya and Asakura. It basically felt like an attempt to retread the competition gag from Episode One, and it just wasn’t that funny.

But with the way Episode Four ended, I’m looking forward to seeing Episode Five in order to find out what’s going to happen to Yuki and how this whole Valentine’s Day storyline is going to end up being resolved.

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