RIN-NE: Episode 3 – “Freak of the Club Building”

RIN-NE focuses on two characters: Sakura Mamiya (a girl who can see ghosts) and Rinne Rokudo (a boy who can guide restless spirits with earthly regrets to the Ring of Reincarnation). These two keep finding themselves teamed up to take care of issues that involve ghosts and spirits.

Episode Three is important for two reasons. First, the audience is finally provided more information about Rinne, especially in regards to his background and why he’s serving as a guide for restless spirits. We also learn that Rinne’s grandmother actually has a name. Prior to this, she was simply referred to as “grandma” or “grandmother.” It turns out that his grandmother’s name is Tamako. It’s also revealed that Rinne has been living in an abandoned club building at school because it’s free. However, this particular building is scheduled to be demolished. So some of the plot of this episode revolves around this abandoned building, which ends with an event that ultimately allows Rinne stay there. The explanations that the audience receives for Rinne’s background seem to make sense from the type of character that Tamako had been established as back in Episode Two. It’s just a little frustrating that it took almost three full episodes before the audience had a true understanding of just how Rinne is and what he’s doing.

Speaking of frustrating, the first three minutes or so of the episode were spent reintroducing various elements that were introduced in the previous two episodes, complete with dialogue from the narrator. I understand it’s still early on in the series, but I wish there was a way this could have been done by condensing down some of the explanations.

This episode also introduces a new character named Rokumon, a black cat contractor who had been working for Tamako and is now trying to get Rinne to accept his services. Rokumon is a cute animal creature who kind of makes me think of Shippo from Inuyasha. The major difference between these two characters is the fact that Shippo is a small fox demon, while Rokumon is a small black cat. But again, it makes me think that Takahashi decided she wanted to continue the Inuyasha formula by having a small and cute animal creature being associated with the lead male and the lead female protagonist. Rokumon did prove his worth by the end of the episode, though, so hopefully he will continue to be an important character as the series progresses.

With the introduction of Rokumon, RIN-NE has started to become a little more interesting. Unfortunately, after watching three episodes, I’m still not sensing any real chemistry between Rinne and Sakura. It just feels more like these characters just happen to keep encountering each other rather than the two of them trying to be together in order to work on solving supernatural issues. I also get the impression that they don’t even seem to think of each other as friends yet. I really hope this dynamic will change between Sakura and Rinne, because I want to watch a show where it feels like the main protagonists actually want to be around each other and not just simply happening to run into each other to make the story more convenient.

While RIN-NE isn’t necessarily a bad series at this point, it just feels like the characters aren’t as developed as they really could have been at this point. Rinne is the best developed character right now. But even then, it still took almost three whole episodes to get Rinne to this point in his development. The audience still knows so little about Sakura that it can be hard to care about her, even though she’s supposed to be the lead female protagonist. I’m really hoping that future episodes can start doing something to turn these weaknesses around.

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