Episode Three introduces the concept of Cursed Gear, which can kill vampires with its curse. However, in order to acquire Cursed Gear, the person who wields it has to make a contract with a demon. Yuichiro, who is still impatient about wanting to get his revenge on the vampires, tries to take Shinoa’s Cursed Gear. But when he fights her with his regular sword, Shinoa is easily able to defeat him with her Cursed Gear.

Yoichi comes into play when he comes to Yuichiro for help when he’s being chased by a couple of the guys who bullied him in Episode Two. But instead of bullying him, they grovel and ask to be Yoichi’s disciples since he’s now part of the Vampire Extermination Unit. It was kind of satisfying to see how much these bullies have been humbled, but at the same time, it wasn’t realistic for Yoichi to accept their request. And sure enough, Yoichi says he’s incapable of being their leader. When Yuichiro questions the bullies, he learns that their friend Yuji went inside the Forbidden Chamber that’s underneath the school and never came out.

Shinoa reveals to Yuichiro and Yoichi that the Forbidden Chamber is actually a training facility for the Vampire Extermination Unit, as well as the fact that the entire school is a training area for the unit. Considering that humanity had almost been completely wiped out, it makes sense that there wouldn’t truly be something that would simply be an idyllic high school around. As it’s explained, the purpose of the school is a large-scale human experiment that includes a demon in the Forbidden Chamber and detecting who isn’t affected by it in order to determine who to recruit for the unit.

The impatient Yuichiro decides to go into the Forbidden Chamber, even though Shinoa warns him that his heart is still too weak to face against the demon. Yuichiro’s actions ultimately lead to finding a possessed Yuji with Cursed Gear, and Yuichiro’s attempts to fight and acquire the Cursed Gear. When Yuichiro succeeds, he has to fight against the temptation of the demon that possesses it.

Overall, Episode Three is still working on establishing the story for Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign, but it manages to keep moving and doesn’t fall into the trap of providing boring info dumps. There’s also a major surprise right at the end of the episode, which should really grab viewers who aren’t already familiar with the manga and keep them interested in what’s going on and to see how this event will ultimately have an effect on Yuichiro. I hope that Episode Four will provide an explanation for how this surprise was able to happen.

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