Case Closed: Episode 773 – “Kudo Shinichi Aquarium Case (Part Two)”

Case Closed sees Shinichi Kudo, a high school junior mystery buff with incredible abilities with his power of observation and intuition, being given an experimental poison by a criminal organization. Instead of killing Shinichi, it shrinks him back down to his six or seven year old self.

As his new younger self, Shinichi takes on the name of Conan Edogawa, and poses as a relative of his neighbor, Dr. Agasa. As Conan, Shinichi ends up living with his childhood friend Ran Mori and her father Kogoro. Kogoro is a bumbling private investigator who used to be part of the Japanese police force. Shinichi believes that he can use Kogoro’s resources to track down the men in black who poisoned him in order to get an antidote that will return him to his normal size.

Episode 773 continues the flashback murder mystery that took place at the aquarium. Roughly the first half of the episode sees Megure and Shinichi questioning the three suspects: Kanoko Nakagiri (the victim’s date), Naho Ojiro (the victim’s ex-girlfriend), and Kodai Jinbe (Naho’s current boyfriend). All three of them have videos on their cell phones that they try to use to prove their innocence.

As expected, Shinichi is the one who figures everything out. It starts with him realizing why the suspect chose the well-lit aquarium tunnel over one of the darker tunnels to carry out the murder, and this leads him to realizing which of the three suspects actually committed the murder.

When it comes to this murder mystery, the interviews with the suspects gave reason for the viewer to suspect that any of them could have perpetrated the crime. However, as Shinichi unveils the various hints that led him to his suspicion, it starts becoming clearer that only one particular person could have done it. In some respects, parts of the explanation kind of sounded like a stretch, but that’s come to be expected from some of the mysteries featured in Case Closed. But it turns out the guilty party had a very realistic motive for committing the murder.

It was interesting to see at the end of the episode that something that happens between Ran and Shinichi after he solved the murder was the catalyst for agreeing to the deal for Shinichi to take Ran to Tropical Land in the very first episode. This probably helps to explain why this flashback murder mystery was shown in the first place. Before seeing the agreement about going to Tropical Land, going back in time felt almost random.

It was nice to get to see Ran play an important role in a story, since she had almost completely vanished in recent episodes. It was also nice to get to see Shinichi as his teen self since he rarely shows up in this form in the series. And while the setup for the flashback involved the Detective Boys and Dr. Agasa, it was a refreshing change of pace to not have them be the major focus of the story.

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