Case Closed: Episode 772 – “Kudo Shinichi Aquarium Case (Part One)”

Case Closed sees Shinichi Kudo, a high school junior mystery buff with incredible abilities with his power of observation and intuition, being given an experimental poison by a criminal organization. Instead of killing Shinichi, it shrinks him back down to his six or seven year old self.

As his new younger self, Shinichi takes on the name of Conan Edogawa, and poses as a relative of his neighbor, Dr. Agasa. As Conan, Shinichi ends up living with his childhood friend Ran Mori and her father Kogoro. Kogoro is a bumbling private investigator who used to be part of the Japanese police force. Shinichi believes that he can use Kogoro’s resources to track down the men in black who poisoned him in order to get an antidote that will return him to his normal size.

Episode 772 sees Ran, Conan, and the Detective Boys at the aquarium. It turns out to be the same aquarium that Shinichi and Ran visited before the organization gave Shinichi the poison. This episode sets up a flashback to a case that Shinichi helped to solve at the aquarium.

In the past, a murder took place near where Shinichi and Ran were standing in the aquarium. Shinichi manages to pick up some clues before Inspector Meguire arrives. It’s pretty amazing how much Shinichi was able to figure out just by calling a contact on the victim’s cell phone. But through that detective work, along with gathering the phones and cameras of those who were at the aquarium at the time of the murder, Shinichi is able to reduce the number of potential suspects down to three. And it was also pretty incredible that Shinichi could figure out other aspects of the crime and the victim just by finding various objects that were in the victim’s possession, especially since the victim had no identification on him.

The best part of Episode 772 was seeing the interactions between Ran and Shinichi because they were both amusing and adorable. Shinichi has to act differently as Conan, so the interactions he has with Ran are different when he is his younger self. It’s so obvious that Shinichi and Ran like each other, and that helps to make these interactions even more amusing.

It’s interesting to note that a comment was made during this episode that it had only been six months since Shinichi became Conan. He’s sure done a lot in that short amount of time!

Since this episode is in multiple parts, we’ll get to see more of Shinichi and Ran in the next episode as well. I’m looking forward to seeing Shinichi in action as he continues working at solving the murder mystery at the aquarium.

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