The cast of the Wake Up, Girls! anime announced at the “Wake Up, Girls! Fanclub Opening Celebration Meeting” event that the upcoming Wake Up, Girls! film will be split into two parts. The pair of films will be titled Wake Up, Girls! Continuation Movie. The first film will premiere in Japan in September 2015, while the second film will open in December 2015.

Ordet will be producing the films, and Yutaka Yamamoto is directing. Touko Machida is writing the scripts, Chikaoka Sunao is serving as character designer, and Satoru Kousaki is composing the music. The cast of the seven main girls will also return to reprise their roles.

The Wake Up, Girls! anime and film premiered in Japan in January 2014. Crunchyroll simulcast the series outside of Japan alongside the Chinese media services Tudou and Youku.

Source: ANN