Manga Review: Oresama Teacher Volume 18

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Oresama Teacher Volume 18 focuses on former delinquent Mafuyu Kurosaki, who transfers to Midorigaoka Academy with the hopes of turning over a new leaf. Her hopes are dashed when her homeroom teacher ends up being Takaomi Saeki, on older neighbor she looked up to in the past who taught her how to be a delinquent. Takaomi has Mafuyu, along with some other students, form the Public Morals Club to go against the student council for ownership of Midorigaoka Academy.

Oresama Teacher Volume 18
Written by: Izumi Tsubaki
Publisher: Hakusensha, Inc.
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: March 3, 2015

Volume 18 sees the students out of school for summer break, and first up is a test of courage that’s being put on by the third-years. Mafuyu finds herself paired up with Kyotaro Okegawa, a super senior who flunked a year and is a member of the Public Morals Club. By the end of the chapter, it’s revealed that the third-years intended to fight against Mafuyu and Kyotaro rather than having them participate in a test of courage. Overall, this chapter was a rather amusing read, especially when I saw tough guy Kyotaro acting so scared when he saw the various things put out by the third-years that were intended to scare them. He also tries his hardest to hide these scary things and the fact that they’re scaring him from Mafuyu.

The next chapter sees Takaomi taking the Public Morals Club to the beach to relax after he has them doing various cleanup chores around Midorigaoka Academy in order to say that they have done club activities. The entire point of this chapter is to provide comic relief and a slight breather before seeing the characters returning to school after break. Kyotaro freaks out over Mafuyu wearing a bikini, and he seems like he’s trying to protect her. Between these two chapters, I really got a sense that Kyotaro may have a crush on Mafuyu, although he doesn’t seem to realize that he feels this way. It was also amusing to see this group, made up primarily of delinquents and former delinquents, getting so excited over the various fireworks they were using at the beach that night.

Unfortunately, the tranquil and fun days of summer break don’t last. Everyone returns to school and the interactions and tensions that come with going back to their normal routine. It’s claimed that Runa Momochi has left the student council, and she makes it seem like she’s trying to help the Public Morals Club. But as we see, she isn’t truly on their side and spends her time trying to brainwash Hayasaka, a member of the Public Morals Club. As Hayasaka spends more time with her, he seems to be forgetting more and more things that he’s done since his introduction at the beginning of the series. I suspected that Runa was up to no good when she first appeared in this volume, but I had no idea just how bad she was going to get. I’m actually rather curious to get an explanation as to how exactly Runa is causing Hayasaka to start losing his memories. I know she puts something into his tea, and talks to him soothingly while he’s knocked out, but is that all she’s truly doing? Or does she have some ability that hasn’t been revealed yet?

Meanwhile, Mafuyu and Hayasaka manage to kidnap Miyabi Hanabusa, the student council president. However, it appears that he actually wants them to kidnap him and convince them to do so. In the process of her interrogation of Miyabi, Mafuyu appears to be picking up on hints that the bet between Miyabi’s father and Takaomi may not be entirely what it seems. Mafuyu and Kayasaka go around questioning the other members of the student council, but none of them can provide any additional information. Takaomi doesn’t provide her with any information that will help, which leaves Mafuyu to suspect that Miyabi may be playing his own game outside of his father’s bet. I get the impression that Takaomi knows more than he’s letting on, and that perhaps he hasn’t been entirely honest about this whole bet situation with the Public Morals Club. But what exactly he may be hiding, I can’t even begin to guess.

Overall, I have to say that I enjoyed the flow of the story in Oresama Teacher Volume 18. Having a couple of chapters devoted to summer break gave the reader something light and fun to read before all of the drama and action that occurs when the characters return to their regular lives and interactions at Midorigaoka Academy. And when the characters return to school, there’s a compelling story that’s being told. It was so compelling to me that I didn’t want to put the volume down, because I didn’t want to wait to find out what would happen to the characters.

When it comes to the art in Oresama Teacher Volume 18, there doesn’t seem to have been much progression in the style since the first volume. The art is still rather average looking for a shojo manga at this point, but the story has become compelling enough that it’s easier for the reader to ignore the fact that the art isn’t as strong as the story is. But it was interesting to notice that the two chapters that were set during summer break both ended with at least one page of four panel stories that served as a kind of epilogue for the main story of each chapter. That was different, because I normally don’t see something like that done at the end of a manga chapter.

Long-time readers of Oresama Teacher should thoroughly enjoy reading Oresama Teacher Volume 18 and finding out what happens to Mafuyu and the others both during summer break and when they return to school. Readers who enjoy reading shojo manga series that feature a former high school delinquent and her potential reverse harem may enjoy reading the Oresama Teacher manga series.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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