Manga Review: Kiss of the Rose Princess Volume Three

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Kiss of the Rose Princess Volume Three focuses on Anise Yamamoto, a high school student who wears a rose choker given to her by her father. Anise was warned that if she ever removed it, she would receive a terrible punishment. She discovers that she is the Rose Princess, and that four male students at her school are the Rose Knights that serve her.

Kiss of the Rose Princess Volume Three
Written by: Aya Shouoto
Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten
English Publisher: VIZ Media
Release Date: March 3, 2015

At the beginning of Volume Three, we learn that Seiran, one of the Rose Knights, has been kidnapped. Anise is determined to save him and to make a True Contract with her knights. It’s revealed that Haruto Kisugi, the Yellow Rose Knight who had been cast out of the Rose Knights due to his disappearance in the past, was the one who kidnapped Seiran.

After Anise makes the True Contract with the other three knights, Seiran escapes from his imprisonment on his own. His escape is discovered after Anise and the remaining knights fight against Haruto. Since Anise had a history with Haruto back when they were children, having to fight against him wasn’t an easy thing to do. But in the end, Haruto makes a major sacrifice that saves both Anise and Seiran.

Once that crisis is over, Anise completes the True Contract with Seiran and learns what making this contract really means. For storytelling purposes, it means that this manga has officially become a reverse harem series. While hints of the reverse harem have been dropped previously in the series, this revelation now makes it an official part of the story. What this means is that if Anise becomes romantically involved with one the knights, he can become super strong. Unfortunately for Anise, she had not realized this fact before making the True Contract.

With what’s been shown so far, it seems as if Shouoto is trying to make the reader want to ship Anise and Kaede Higa, the Red Rose. Anise had a crush on Mitsuru Tenjo in the first volume, before he became one of her knights. But when Mitsuru became clingy after becoming a knight, Anise lost all romantic interest in him. With the other two knights, it appears that Mutsuki may have feelings for her, but his dark and brooding nature prevents him from being open with them. Seiran comes across more like a kid brother than a potential love interest.

It’s also revealed that even though Anise has made the True Contract, the Demon Lord’s seal is still unstable. She is given the task of finding the seal’s fragments, which are hidden in the form of arcana cards. It appears that the search for the arcana cards is going to be the driving force for the series going forward.

Of course, searching for the arcana cards isn’t going to be easy. First, Anise’s father suddenly appears to become her school’s doctor, with the intention of gathering data on the Rose Knights. Anise and her knights struggle to keep him from learning anything. And when it seems like they’ve dodged this bullet, two new transfer students arrive at school. They’re members of a new idol group called Rhodecia, but it appears there’s more to them than simply being idols.

Kiss of the Rose Princess Volume Three also touches on the fact that there’s a lock on part of Mutsuki’s memory. A dream he has seems to hint at what those locked memories might be, and it could end up being something that could cause problems for Anise and the Rose Knights later on in the series.

When it comes to the art in Kiss of the Rose Princess, there’s no mistaking that it’s a shojo series. This is due, in large part, to the fact that every male character seems to have the “beautiful boy” look to him. I also can’t help but feel that the designs for a couple of the Rose Knights were inspired by characters from the Revolutionary Girl Utena anime, which is regarded as a classic shojo series.

I believe that readers who enjoy shojo manga with magical or supernatural elements will find something to like about Kiss of the Rose Princess. Readers who have already read the first two volumes of the series will more than likely enjoy what they see in Kiss of the Rose Princess Volume Three.

The reviewer was provided a review copy by VIZ Media

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