Review: Weekly Shonen Jump (March 16, 2015)

This issue includes chapters for One-Punch Man, Bleach, Nisekoi: False Love, My Hero Academia, Toriko, World Trigger, Ultra Battle Satellite, Gakkyu Hotei: School Judgment, Food Wars!, and Boys Over Flowers Season 2. The second chapter of Claymore is also included for Weekly Shonen Jump‘s “Jump Back” initiative.

For the series that carried over from previous issues I’ve read, I tried to put a little more focus in my write-ups about the progression of the story from the previous chapter. I will warn you that these write-ups will more than likely contain spoilers.

I only started reading Weekly Shonen Jump back in late February/early March of 2014, which means there’s a number of series published in the magazine that I jumped in the middle of. Since then, I’ve been able to start reading older chapters of some of the titles, but I haven’t managed to do this for all of the titles yet. Because of this, there may be times I might inadvertently include incorrect information in the write-ups. If you see something in a write-up that’s incorrect due to my having not read earlier chapters of a series, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know. Not only can I correct the incorrect information in the write-up, it will also help provide information for me to have when reading future chapters of a series in Weekly Shonen Jump.

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One-Punch Man CH:043

Sonic arrives on the scene, and Genos says he’ll take care of him. Genos is able to surprise his opponent by being able to move faster than him. Saitama comments that Geno’s even faster than when the two of them sparred together. This short battle sequence ends up being rather one-sided.

This particular chapter was extremely action-oriented with very little in the way of dialogue, so it ended up being a rather quick read. Fortunately it’s a quick read, because the battle is so one-sided that it wasn’t very interesting to me. Hopefully the next chapter of One-Punch Man will be a little more interesting to read.

Bleach CH:619

Yhwach tells Ichigo that he never once thought of making him do what he wants, because their wills are connected. According to Yhwach, Ichigo has always been fighting for him since he awakened as a Soul Reaper. Yoruichi tells Ichigo not to listen to Yhwach, that what he says is nonsense. Ichigo tells Yhwach to shut up, and he fights back. After Yhwach taunts Ichigo, Uryu shoots Yoruichi with an arrow. As Yhwach tries to get to Reio, Yoruichi unleashes a power that she thinks will stop him. But Yhwach is able to repel it, and use his own power against Yoruichi.

Wow… this was a relatively quick read, but the story manages to make a little more progression. I’m glad to see that Ichigo didn’t listen to Yhwach, but I’m afraid about what’s happened to Yoruichi. She’s one of my favorite characters in the series, and I’d hate to see her die. But right now, it’s not looking too good for her. It looks like the next chapter could potentially see Ichigo and Uryu having to face off against each other, and that could be an interesting development if that happens. And hopefully the next chapter will continue to help this storyline progress

Nisekoi: False Love CH:162

Just as Raku and Claude are about to fight it out, Chitoge’s father intervenes. He says that Claude needs to stop, because everything’s been settled because the move has been cancelled. Her father changed his mind because he received a petition and an oath signed by every Beehive member in the house. Their oath is to not fight with the Shuei-Gumi. Chitoge’s father frees her from the locked room and says that Chitoge will stay in Japan until she finishes high school. Chitoge’s father says he has to thank Raku because he went to great lengths to aid his daughter.

Later, Chitoge talks to Raku and asks why he did all of that for her. After some contemplation, Raku tells Chitoge that it’s because he sees her as one of his best friends. Unfortunately, hearing this doesn’t make Chitoge happy, and Raku is confused about why she’s angry. But right at the end of the chapter, Chitoge’s father calls her and mentions that he heard about her wanting to move in with the Shuei-Gumi. He says he talked with Raku’s father and asks if she’d still like to move in with them.

I should have figured that the move was never going to happen. When I first read that Chitoge’s father had changed his mind, I found myself thinking that we would ultimately be returning to the status quo. But when Chitoge’s father asks her if she wants to move in with the Shuei-Gumi, that has given the series an opportunity to go in a new and slightly different direction. If Chitoge does move in, she and Yui would both be under the same roof as Raku. This potential change could open the doors for a change in the dynamic between Chitoge and Yui. But hopefully something is done to inject some new life into Nisekoi: False Love or at least help the series get out of the rut that it’s been in for a while.

My Hero Academia CH:034

After the match is over, people in the crowd start talking about how great Shinso is, how his Quirk would be great against villains, and wondering why he’s only in General Studies. In the end, Shinso tells Midoriya to promise him that he won’t lose in a sorry way out there.

Later, Midoriya talks to All Might about the vision he had while he was in the ring. All Might admits he’d seen these same figures when he was young, and that it’s a sign Midoriya is getting used to One For All. He explains that what he saw are the traces of the Quirk’s past bearers. But they can’t directly interfere or influence the current bearer, and he cannot affect them.

Now it’s a battle between Hanta Sero and Shoto Todoroki. Shoto ends up going overboard and immobilizes Sero, because he was annoyed at his father lecturing him right before he headed out to the ring.

Overall, there wasn’t much action in this chapter. The most action was in the final few panels, but the fighting was over so quickly that it seems like it hardly counts. Instead, this chapter focused more on Midoriya learning what was behind the vision he had, and reinforcing the idea that Shoto’s father only expects his son to get strong enough to defeat All Might. I suspect that the next chapter of My Hero Academia will focus on getting through more of the first round of the final event, and possibly speeding through them in order to move on to the second round. I suspect that the story is ultimately heading toward Midoriya and Shoto facing off against each other in the final round.

Toriko CH:316

We see that the Monkey King’s Pair dropped, even though they didn’t finish the dance. They’re confused at first, but they see that the Monkey King is smiling. Apparently, they satisfied him by accident. Then they discover that while both parts of Pair fell, one of them is missing. Komatsu shows up while in another plane, saying that both have to be caught at the same time. Toriko and Komatsu catch them. Komatsu says they must now combine Pair, and they combine them carefully so it appears in Toriko’s plane. They combine, and there’s crazy energy going on that causes Food Treasure Pair to be created. Komatsu says he needs to go, but asks Toriko to give him his hand. Yun appears with Komatsu, and they realize that he’s out of time and that they have to hurry and get him to swallow Pair. Kaka appears, demanding Komatsu and the Pair. Right at the end of the chapter, the Monkey King comes over to Kaka.

Wow, this chapter was rather weird. But I am glad to see that it appears that this story arc seems to be getting closer to its conclusion. But I really hope they can save Komatsu in time, because he’s one of my favorite characters in Toriko. I’d hate to see him die and be written out. I hope that the Monkey King is able to do something about Kaka so Toriko and the others can go about their business of trying to save Komatsu.

World Trigger CH:095

We get to see the commentary on the third round of the B-Rank Wars for a short bit, and then the reader gets to see the actual action that’s taking place in the stage. During the round, we see Akane from one of the other teams having a flashback about telling her teammates that her parents have decided to move away and take her with them. Back in the round, we see that cannon fire from Chika’s cannon takes out a nearby bridge. With this development, one of the squads tries to come up with a strategy that incorporates the fact that the bridge has been destroyed.

Even though the third round just started in the previous chapter, it felt like that not a whole lot of progression happened for this round over the course of this chapter. Overall, it felt like more time was spent on the commentary and on Akane’s flashback than on the actual round itself. Sure, the bridge was blown up, but not much else really happened here. Hopefully, the next chapter will do a bit more to progress this round of the B-Rank Wars.

It should be noted that World Trigger will be off next week.

Ultra Battle Satellite CH:003

We now see the fight between Jin and Sakura. Just as it looks like Jin will land a hit on her, she kicks her foot up and blocks him. Then, Sakura launches her attack and uses a flying double kick. Jin tries taking her legs out with low kicks, but she’s able to jump out of the way. She then lands a kick on Jin’s face. Jin declares that he’s going to show Sakura his “real karate that’s banned in matches.” But before he can do anything, she shows that she can move even faster and she lands another kick on him. Jin throws sand into Sakura’s eyes. Jin lands a blow on Sakura right at the end of the chapter.

Well, you definitely can’t complain when it comes to the action in this chapter. The chapter focuses exclusively on the fight, with the various moves and surprises one would expect from a shonen fighting manga.

Chapter Three was probably one of the best chapters I read of Ultra Battle Satellite, but it ultimately didn’t do much to improve my opinion of the series. Of the various “Jump Start” titles that were part of this recent initiative, this one is still my least favorite.

Gakkyu Hotei: School Judgment CH:014

The chapter opens with a flashback of Pine’s and we learn how this is the first time she’s stayed in a classroom for two months. We then see in the present that that Pine has received a transfer notice.

At school, Abaku is shown a note with newspaper lettering that declares that the opening of Tenbin’s sixth grade pool will be hijacked. He learns that after the discovery of the note, the Phys Ed committee checked out the pool and didn’t see anything unusual. They are approached by Junko Inagawa, a ghost story enthusiast who declares that the evil spirit 5-Meters Deep (which was mentioned in the note) exists. This student also mentions that goldfish have been disappearing from the courtyard pond and that an aquarium in a science room also vanished.

It’s eventually time for the 6th grade to have their swim class. When Sarutobi jumps into the pool, countless fish start jumping out of the pool, their lives ended by the freshly chlorinated pool. Abaku looks into what happened with the fish, and he determines it’s a criminal case. He tells Pine that they can’t start anything without an indictment from her. Pine’s father suddenly appears at the school pool, and he says that he himself will prosecute this final case.

I’m a little disappointed at the depiction of the sixth grade girls during the swim lesson. Many of these girls, who are about 11-12 years old, are drawn with chests that look like they belong on an older teenager or young woman. The girls with these larger chests are in bikinis that accentuate the large breasts. It’s disappointing that the decision was made to try to sexualize girls this young. If they were high school girls, it wouldn’t have rubbed me the wrong way, because I’m more used to that in anime and manga.

But the actual story itself was interesting. Pine’s father is a prosecutor who decides that he needs to take on Abaku himself, and he’s also made it so Pine will be transferring schools shortly after. It almost makes me wonder if he was somehow involved in the actual case with the goldfish and the swimming pool. It’s going to be interesting to see how Abaku going head-to-head with an adult prosecutor, as well as seeing how this case is solved and the explanation for how this case happened.

Food Wars! CH:110

We discover that Soma has been sent to help out in Chef Kojiro Shinomiya’s kitchen as his next assignment for Stagiaire Week. Soma is told to help out with the construction and interior decoration for the restaurant. We learn that even though Shinomiya may have gained a big name as a chef, his various sponsors are against opening up a restaurant in Japan.

Soma is introduced to the head chef’s aide from the Paris restaurant, and he’s basically Shinomiya’s right hand man. But we see that the head chef’s aide is unhappy about Soma being too friendly with Shinomiya. Soma tries asking Shinomiya about why he’s trying to open up a new restaurant in Japan. After Soma mentions that he’s happy to be working with Shinomiya in order to expand his abilities, Shinomiya says he’s opening a restaurant in Japan because it’s what he needs to do to get better.

This chapter is basically introducing the reader to some new characters that Soma will be working with during this assignment, as well as setting the stage for what will propel this particular story. There was definitely more dialogue and explanations here, but it was needed in order for the reader to understand what’s going on. Hopefully the next chapter will start seeing some more action take place in order for this particular story to progress.

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 CH:003

Oto gives Haruto a piece of her mind after hitting him with the meat. She then tells him that he is the worst and to never invite her to anything again. Haruto stews and thinks that this wasn’t the way he thought it would be.

Later, Kaito goes to see Haruto after hearing about what happened and to share what he has found out about Oto. It turns out that her family used to have money, but their cosmetic company has had bad business for a couple of years and now they’re in big debt, even after selling to a big company. Kaito says she’s no threat to him, that he should just kick Oto out and that no one will believe her if she blabs. Haruto can’t understand why his idol, Domyoji, would have chosen such a common woman. He then declares that making Oto quit the academy isn’t enough for hitting his face with a piece of meat, and he’s going to make her suffer for that.

At work, Oto is approached by a co-worker named Maeno. He appears to like Oto, but she doesn’t like him because he badmouths the customers and comes into the back when she’s restocking. We then see that Haruto is watching her in the convenience store in a nearby car with binoculars. Kaito is with him. Oto’s shift has ended, and they see Maeno following her. Maeno corners her in a dark park and asks to walk her home. She’s confused, because he lives in the opposite direction. As Maeno grabs Oto, he is kicked from behind. Oto is surprised to discover that it’s Haruto who saved her.

Haruto seems to be feeling conflicted. On the hand, he keeps insisting that he will never have feelings for a commoner. He follows her around, claiming that he needs to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn’t blab about him. However, as we see at the end of the chapter, he’s concerned about her when he sees Maeno following Oto and rescues her when she’s in trouble. It appears the story is being set up where Haruto will insist that he doesn’t have feelings for Oto, yet will keep doing things that seem to indicate that he does. The main question will be if Oto somehow develops feelings for Haruto, especially if he keeps managing to rescue her from situations like this one.

Claymore CH:002

When the village chief tries to pay Clare for her services, she says she doesn’t want the money. Instead, she swings her sword and chops off the top of his head. It turns out the chief was also a yoma. When she’s done, Clare says she’s leaving and that someone will come to collect the money. Rubel, the person from Claymore who collects the money for jobs, tells Clare about another job request they have received.

When Clare arrives in the city being attacked by a yoma, she seems to encounter the yoma immediately. It turns out that there are four other yoma hiding nearby. Clare finds herself in a battle with these yoma. After a bit of fight, she can take down all but once, which flees from the fight. Clare powers up and throws her sword at the yoma that’s trying to fly away.

Unlike the first chapter, Chapter Two spends much more time focusing on Clare’s fights with the yoma than on development. There are a couple of hints dropped in the volume in regards to some potential background for Clare, but nothing is explored in length. This was definitely an action-oriented chapter, but it does help establish Clare and her capabilities as a Claymore.

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