Case Closed: Episode 769 – “The Troublesome Emergency Patient”

Case Closed sees Shinichi Kudo, a high school junior mystery buff with incredible abilities with his power of observation and intuition, being given an experimental poison by a criminal organization. Instead of killing Shinichi, it shrinks him back down to his six or seven year old self.

As his new younger self, Shinichi takes on the name of Conan Edogawa, and poses as a relative of his neighbor, Dr. Agasa. As Conan, Shinichi ends up living with his childhood friend Ran Mori and her father Kogoro. Kogoro is a bumbling private investigator who used to be part of the Japanese police force. Shinichi believes that he can use Kogoro’s resources to track down the men in black who poisoned him in order to get an antidote that will return him to his normal size.

Episode 769 sees the Detective Boys almost literally stumbling into a mystery when a man being chased by a police officer bumps into them and tries to take Ayumi hostage by holding her at knifepoint. Before the man can do anything, he collapses.

The man is taken to a nearby emergency medical center, and the kids go with him to the ER. Detective Megure is brought onto the case, and it’s determined very quickly that they have no idea who the man is because all he had on him was a knife and a wallet without any identification in it. After learning from the doctor examining him that the man is suffering from intracerebral hemorrhaging from a blow to the head, Megure and the Detective Boys have to figure out how the man was injured, who he is, and why he was injured.

Of course, Conan and the other Detective Boys take it upon themselves to start backtracking from where the man bumped into them. By questioning various people and the leads they receive, they’re able to backtrack enough for Conan to put two and two together as to what happened and the strange connection the case has with the medical center where the man is being treated.

Even though this case focused on the Detective Boys, Kogoro actually makes an appearance in this episode. I’d missed seeing Conan using his watch darts on Kogoro and using his voice changing bowtie, so I was glad to see those elements come back after several weeks. Now hopefully Ran will start appearing again.

I was also glad to see that this mystery wasn’t a murder case, and that the mystery wasn’t as straightforward as usual when it came to tracking down the clues. Conan had very little to go on when it started, so it was rather impressive to see how he and the Detective Boys were able to go about piecing information together and ultimately figure out what truly happened.

That being said, I had figured out who had attacked the man early on in the episode, but not how the culprit had done it or why. There were a couple of physical cues and reactions early on in the episode that made it obvious who the culprit was. As a viewer, the source of the mystery was trying to determine what happened with so little information to go on.

Episode 769 was decent enough for what it was, even if it’s easy for the audience to determine who the culprit was before the investigation really started. But when you start thinking about how many episodes there are of the series at this point, especially since not all of them were stories from the original manga, it’s expected that there will be the occasional mystery that may be easier to figure out than others.

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