Review: Weekly Shonen Jump (March 2, 2015)

This issue includes chapters for Food Wars!, One Piece, Nisekoi: False Love, Bleach, Black Clover, My Hero Academia, Cyborg Roggy, World Trigger, Toriko, Gakkyu Hotei: School Judgment, One-Punch Man, and Boys Over Flowers Season 2. This issue also includes the first chapter of Ultra Battle Satellite, which is the next title for this wave of Weekly Shonen Jump‘s “Jump Start” initiative.

For the series that carried over from previous issues I’ve read, I tried to put a little more focus in my write-ups about the progression of the story from the previous chapter. I will warn you that these write-ups will more than likely contain spoilers.

I only started reading Weekly Shonen Jump back in late February/early March of 2014, which means there’s a number of series published in the magazine that I jumped in the middle of. Since then, I’ve been able to start reading older chapters of some of the titles, but I haven’t managed to do this for all of the titles yet. Because of this, there may be times I might inadvertently include incorrect information in the write-ups. If you see something in a write-up that’s incorrect due to my having not read earlier chapters of a series, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know. Not only can I correct the incorrect information in the write-up, it will also help provide information for me to have when reading future chapters of a series in Weekly Shonen Jump.

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Ultra Battle Satellite CH:001

Ultra Battle Satellite is the final series to launch as part of this wave of Weekly Shonen Jump’s “Jump Start” initiative. The series is set in a world where the strongest from all over the world gather for street fights with no rules in order to get rich quick.

The first chapter opens with the final for the Shin Karate Tournament between Shoma Hayakawa and Jin Matsuriya getting underway. Just as it starts, the story cuts away to Teihen High School, where Jin is getting lectured by his classmate Harunobu Takeda (aka Porky) about being disqualified from the tournament because he head-butted Shoma. We learn that Jin is jealous of Shoma because he comes from a rich family, and that he’ll never forgive Shoma.

Jin gets angry and decides to skip class. He discovers that one of his female classmates named Sakura Momochi has snuck out and followed him. She tells him that she was at his match the previous day and tells him that she thinks he’s right. As Sakura interacts with Jin, she comes across as rather obsessed with the real deadly fights with no rules.

When Jin returns home, we see that he doesn’t have a very good home life. We meet his sister, Rin, who works as a nightclub hostess and likes to get drunk. After his sister leaves for work, Jin discovers a package with his name on it. When he opens it up, he finds a cell phone inside. When he turns it on, a voice asks him to put his money where his mouth is in street fights. It has a message on it from Ultra Battle Satellite (U.B.S.) At first, he thinks it’s a joke, but then wonders if Sakura sent this to him. His thoughts are interrupted by a phone call from Porky, who says that he heard about an opportunity downtown for a street fight from Shoma.

When Jin and Porky go downtown, Jin sees Sakura in the crowd. But when he calls out to her, she walks away. Jin and Porky follow her, but they lose her. Instead, they find Shoma being beaten to a pulp by a guy named Hosuto Charaoka, who is known as a “noob hunter.” Shoma says he was too naive and that he and Jin don’t belong here. Jin decides to make a contract that allows him to begin street fighting, and Sakura watches on, smiling. At first, it looks like Hosuto has the upper hand, but Jin manages to break his opponent’s finger. Hosuto tries to continue the fight, but Jin has the upper hand. But then Hosuto grabs a nearby shovel, but before he can do anything with it, Jin stops him. The chapter ends with Jin winning the fight.

So far, I’m not terribly impressed by Ultra Battle Satellite. I wasn’t terribly impressed by the art, and there just wasn’t enough development for the characters to make me care about them after almost reading 60 pages. It just comes across as a series that’s going to be focusing on fighting and not much on anything else. Since I’m not a huge fan of fighting, there was really nothing to hook me into this series. Maybe I might change my mind after reading a couple more chapters, but there’s no guarantees.

Food Wars! CH:108

It’s now the fourth day of Stagiaire Week, and Hisaki is thinking over what Soma said at the end of the previous chapter. As she does some secretarial work, she discovers that since she and Soma started helping out, sales have been up and claims have been down. Soma appears and says the restaurant has to change because the two of them will be leaving soon or else it’ll return to the way it was before they arrived. Hisaki declares that they have to have an emergency meeting. During the meeting, Hisaki suggests that trimming the menu might be necessary. But as she tries to give advice, she receives a lot of blowback and is told that as a newcomer, she has no right to go that far. Soma then asks Mr. Mitamaru what kind of restaurant he wants this to be.

Meanwhile, Megumi senses that she’ll just be doing odd chores like washing dishes the whole time. When she tries to give a suggestion on something on the menu, the head chef doesn’t want to hear it. However, Erina asks to hear what Megumi has to say. It has to do with giving the customers a choice on how much dressing they want on the fish salad, because of things she noticed on the dirty dishes that she washed. Erina is impressed by the idea, but the chef tries to brush it off because they’re both children. Just then, a waiter comes back and says a customer is requesting more dressing for the fish salad.

Three days later, a woman from the school who is monitoring the students’ progress goes to Mitamura’s restaurant, where she notices a change. The reader gets to see a flashback of what happened at the meeting in order to bring about this change. We then get to see that the restaurant is having success with this change. The woman declares that Hisaki and Soma figured out the first hurdle and overcame it. At the end of the chapter, it’s declared that they’ve passed the first test.

This chapter primarily focused on Hisaki and Soma, and we get to see how they ultimately pass this first test. It looked like it would be rough at first, since they were encountering a lot of resistance due to the fact that those involved with the restaurant didn’t want to change things because this is the way they’ve always done them. And when it came to Erina and Megumi, they had to deal with a head chef who comes across as believing that he knows best how to prepare and serve his foods and really didn’t want to believe that kids could come up with a better idea than him. It was great to have the waiter come back with the customer’s request to help prove the girls’ point.

One Piece CH:778

Elizabello, King of Prodence, declares that he will save King Riku. Meanwhile, Riku sees Pica heading his way and tells Viola and Tank to everyone else below. But others insist that Riku come with them. Zoro asks Elizabello to throw him in order for him to attack Pica. Zoro uses his Three Sword Style Secret Art and is able to slice Pica through his middle, and then cuts Pica’s top half in half. Zoro is trying to get Pica’s real body to come out and expose itself. Between Zoro’s swords and Elizabello’s punch, Pica is brought down.

Hooray! It appears that another one of the battles has finally come to a close. As more of these battles wind down, the closer we are to finally wrapping up this story arc. I started reading Weekly Shonen Jump about a year ago, and we’re still in the same arc that the story was in when I started reading this digital anthology. I know there’s at least one battle left to go, but there might still be one or two others. But we’ll know we’re getting even closer to the end of the arc when the focus returns to the fight between Luffy and Doflamingo.

Nisekoi: False Love CH:160

Chitoge approaches Tsugumi with her idea to stay in Japan, but at first, Tsugumi says that as a Beehive member, she cannot disobey the organization that she serves. Then Tsugumi says that her loyalty to Chitoge supersedes her allegiance to the Beehive and that she will do what she can to aid Chitoge. Chitoge then offers to have Tsugumi stay at Raku’s house with her.

Chitoge goes home and starts packing her bags to go to Raku’s, but she’s interrupted by Claude, who says her father wants to have a word with her. But instead of taking Chitoge to her father’s office, he leads her to another room and locks her inside of it. He reveals that he also knows about Chitoge’s plan to live with Raku. He tells her she’ll stay in that room until just before her flight back to the States. The room she’s in has a door reinforced with 40 mm of steel and bulletproof and shockproof windows. Tsugumi encounters Claude, who tells her that he heard everything but that she has done nothing wrong. Tsugumi is ordered to return to her regular duties.

When then see that Raku has been waiting for Chitoge and Tsugumi for two hours. He is also unable to reach Chitoge with his phone. We discover that the room Chitoge is in has no reception. Chitoge becomes upset over the prospect of not being able to say a proper goodbye to anyone. Right at the end of the chapter, Tsugumi calls Raku and she she needs his help to save Chitoge.

Just as I predicted after reading the previous chapter, Chitoge wasn’t going to succeed with her plan. I’m not surprised that it was Claude who had been monitoring Chitoge and gets in the way of letting her plan come to fruition. But it’s awesome to see that Tsugumi is true to her word about her loyalty to Chitoge superseding her allegiance to the yakuza. So now I’m wondering if we really might be seeing the series coming closer to an end, or if Raku and Tsugumi will somehow rescue Chitoge and the series keeps going.

Bleach CH:617

After Ukitake takes Reio’s place, the tremors stop, and this catches Yhwach by surprise. Soi Fong states that the stability will only last as long as Ukitake’s life, but Urahara says that he doesn’t know because this is the first time he’s heard of or seen Kamikake. He then says that they have to create a gate and head to Reiokyu. But when they try, they discover that they don’t have enough spiritual pressure. Kurotsuchi then arrives and tells them to use the spiritual pressure amplifier. It appears that this is working.

We then see Shunsui trying to communicate with Aizen. After removing the seal on Aizen’s mouth, something unexpected happens.

Hooray! I know I’ve said this the past couple of weeks, but I’m happy to see that this story is finally progressing after dragging its feet for almost a year. But at the same time, I’m almost afraid that once everyone is in position to take on Yhwach, the story will start dragging again by stretching out a final battle. I hope I’m wrong, though.

Black clover CH:003

Yuno is approached by Salim Hapshass, who says that even though he was chosen by the four-leaf, he’s still nothing but a lowly peasant. However, Yuno is able to defeat Salim in seconds. This marks the end of the examination, and each is told to come forward when their number is called out. The squad captains will raise their hand if they wish to have that examinee join their team. It’s up to the examinee whether or not to accept the offer. If more than one captain raises their hand, it’s up to the examinee to choose. If there are no takers, the examinee will not be able to join the Magic Knights.

We see five examinees and their fate before we see Yuno being called. All of the captains raise their hand, and Yuno declares that he wants to join the Golden Dawn. Asta is then called up. It looks like no one will want him, and the comment is made that no matter how high someone’s combat skills are, if it’s based on suspicious powers, no one will want a part of it. He’s told that no one wants him because he has no magical power. Asta declares that no matter how many times he falls, no matter what anyone says, one day he will become the Wizard King. The guy who had said these things is amused and asks Asta to join the Black Bulls, and tells him he doesn’t have the right to refuse.

Meanwhile, we see the guy who Asta beat in the previous chapter declare that he will get revenge because he was only offered a spot in a lower-ranked squad because of that defeat. But as he’s about to try to do something, Yuno intervenes. When Asta joins up with the Black Bulls, he is told that since he can’t fly on a broom, he needs to learn another form of magic in order to move about. When they arrive at their headquarters, Asta learns that he has just joined the absolute worst Magic Knights squad.

So this is the final chapter of Black Clover to appear in Weekly Shonen Jump. I have to give chapter three credit for finally moving away from blatantly borrowing Naruto‘s formula. Unfortunately for me, it ended up being too little, too late in that regard. Black Clover isn’t necessarily a bad series, but I was distracted early on by noticing the issue with borrowing the Naruto formula, and I was never able to get into the series even after it broke out of that formula. I also have to add that in this chapter, Asta looks an awful lot like Hinata from Haikyu!!

My Hero Academia CH:032

The next round of the Sports Festival, a tournament that consists of one-on-one battles, is just about to start. Ojiro declares that he wants to drop out of the competition, saying he has no memory of how he got there. Nirengeki says they want to drop out as well due to the same reason. They are replaced by two members of Team Kendo, which took fifth place, but they say it should be two members of Team Tetsutetsu who should go in instead. Midoriya sees that he’s paired up to fight with Shinso. But before the tournament begins, there are some festivities that get underway. We see a brief montage of what happens at the festivities before moving on to the first round of the tournament. All Might goes to see Midoriya before the first round begins, and he gives Midoriya some encouraging words. Just as the match between Midoriya and Shinso gets going, Midoriya freezes in place as the chapter ends.

This chapter is primarily here to get everything set up before the tournament gets underway. Since the chapter ends with the tournament just getting started, I feel safe in saying that the next chapter will have a large emphasis on Midoriya and Shinso’s battle. Because of the type of chapter this is, there really isn’t a whole lot to say about it. But I suspect I’ll have a much better write-up for the next chapter of My Hero Academia.

Cyborg Roggy CH:002

We see that Roggy keeps showing up at Dog’s regular job. A kid comes in and asks Roggy if he’s The Cleaner, and then asks Roggy to find someone for him. It turns out that she’s been sending money to him to live on, but he can’t get a hold of her. Dog seems to track down where she could be by scent, but they have to figure out how to get inside the location. Roggy just walks in, shows a picture of the kid’s sister, and asks where she is. When the guys try to give Roggy some attitude, he beats them up. The sister comes out and tells Roggy that he needs to leave. She says she’s there of her own free will. She’s apparently working for these people as an augmentation doctor. The kid, Yukiro, enters and catches his sister by surprise. Even though she keeps telling Yukiro to go home, Yukiro asks Roggy to save her. Roggy attacks again and ends up saving the older sister.

So this chapter shows the reader what the dynamic for the series could potentially be going forward, since the first chapter was basically just establishing our two main characters and how they ended up together in the first place. Cyborg Roggy is a decent enough series, although I think I liked Kagamigami the best of the titles that are part of this wave of the “Jump Start” initiative. So far, it looks like Cyborg Roggy would come in second place for me.

World Trigger CH:094

We see Yuma and Osamu talking at Tamakoma Branch about the fight Yuma had with Ko, and we are given some information about Ko’s Side Effect. Osamu says he’ll start gathering data on the other teams. He is advised to focus on both Suzunari-1 and Nasu Squad.

We then see Ko and other members from Suzunari talking about Ko’s fight with Yuma. And then we see Nasu Squad looking at footage of the fight between Yuma and Ko, which they are examining to try to come up with some strategy since there’s not much out there for Yuma. They also discuss what they know of Osamu and Chika as well to try to formulate a strategy. Right at the end of the chapter, the third match of the B-Rank Wars is just about to begin.

So this chapter is basically getting some exposition out to the reader, as well as setting the stage for how the various sides involved in the third match for the B-Rank Wars are formulating their strategies. But this chapter focused very heavily on dialogue, with little to nothing devoted to any real action. But that should change next week, as the third match of the B-Rank Wars should be going during it.

Toriko CH:314

It’s discovered at the beginning of this chapter that the Komatsu that Kaka has been seeing is one of Coco’s poison dolls. At that moment, the Choo-Choo Chomper’s self-amputation mode wears off, but Kaka is able to escape. Kaka declares that if Toriko and the others get in the way, Kaka will devour them.

We then see Toriko and the others doing the Monkey Dance with the Monkey King. As they dance, pair rings out joyfully and jingles along with the rhythm of the dance. But then they reach a point where one of the paintings in the ruins is completely missing, and they have to figure out what it was in order to impress the Monkey King. When they reach the point of that missing painting, the Monkey King quits dancing. They fail, and now the Monkey King begins attacking. Toriko and the others combine their 240 trillion cells and fight back. Just as they land a punch on the Monkey King, the chapter ends.

It was hinted in the previous chapter that Kaka wasn’t as much of an ally as they appeared, but it was a little disappointing to have this completely confirmed in this chapter. So what is Kaka up to? What is Kaka’s goal? Why did Kaka help them in the first place? And where is Komatsu, anyway? It’s too bad that the dance with the Monkey King ended in failure, because it means that this particular storyline is going to continue for at least another chapter. From what I’ve seen of Toriko, this is some of the worst I’ve personally seen when it comes to stretching out a story arc. Hopefully this story with the Monkey King will end sooner rather than later.

Gakkyu Hotei: School Judgment CH:012

Abaku starts telling Tento about his history with Sarutobi, and how the first elementary school they attended together was the one where the Bloody Session happened. He tells about how he was really timid back then, and how Sarutobi was the same then as now. Sarutobi also had lots of friends who stuck by his side. Then we see in a flashback that Abaku, Sarutobi, and a a girl named Kijima walk into the classroom and discover the scene of the Bloody Classroom Session, where one teacher and 35 students were killed. Abaku and Sarutobi ended up with selective amnesia from the shock and had trouble recalling information, and the conclusion was made that the three of them were the perpetrators and were sent to a special educational facility. This then explains the second elementary school the two of them attended together: Onigashima Elementary, which came to be called the grade-schoolers’ penitentiary.

The classroom session for the current case now gets going. Sarutobi calls Ms. Van Gogh as a witness. It’s revealed that Ms. Van Gogh is Da Vinci’s older sister, due to a divorce and Van Gogh taking her father’s last name. It turns out Sarutobi uses his ninja skills to find absolute evidence, which makes up for the fact that he’s a poor speaker. Sarutobi then asks the rhetorical question of, “What if Ms. Van Gogh painted both Picasso and Da Vinci’s works?” Sarutobi then shows the concept sketches for the initial two paintings that started this whole case. Just as it looks like Abaku is defeated, he declares at the end of the chapter that he’ll ronpa the hell out of Sarutobi’s evidence.

I’m glad that we were finally given an explanation about the Bloody Classroom Session, especially since it’s been referenced so much in this series up to this point. It appears that Sarutobi’s introduction finally made this explanation possible. I hadn’t guessed at the relationship between Ms. Van Gogh and Da Vinci, so I was just as surprised as the characters when this fact was revealed. It’s going to be interesting to see Abaku ronpa what appears to be some rather damning evidence during the next chapter.

One-Punch Man CH:042

Hellish Blizzard starts using a psychic power and unleashes an attack called Hellstorm to kill Saitama. However, it fails, and Saitama starts lecturing her on how she won’t last long because she doesn’t understand heroes. He especially gets in her face about factions, preying on newbies, and securing her rank. But of course, Hellish Blizzard doesn’t listen and tries attacking Saitama again… and fails. Genos then arrives on the scene, and Hellish Blizzard is shocked to learn that a Class S hero is Saitama’s pupil. They are interrupted by exploding shuriken…

Wow, this Hellish Blizzard woman sure is a piece of work. I was so glad to see Saitama get in her face about her attitude. I also loved seeing her brain break when she learned that Saitama has a pupil who is a higher rank than him. There’s now a newcomer to the scene, and it’ll be interesting to discover who they are and what they want.

Boys Over Flowers Season 2 CH:002

Oto overhears her classmates talking about how cool Haruto is, and she thinks about his secret that she learned in the first chapter. Then we see Haruto complaining about how much his hand hurts after he punched an obnoxious boy from another school in Chapter One. When Haruto returns to school and hears all the hubbub, he shrugs it off by saying that he only did what was expected and to stop making a big deal out of it. When Haruto sees Oto, he remembers her threat of blabbing his secret if he tries to force her out of Eitoku Academy.

We then see Haruto talking to the other members of the Correct 5. While he doesn’t share any details, he talks about needing Oto to keep her mouth shut. Issa suggests that he could try to keep Oto quiet by making her his girlfriend. In his mind, if a girl falls hopelessly in love with a guy, she’ll do whatever he wants.

While Oto is at work at the convenience store, they invite her to join them for a barbecue. She’s able to accept, and Haruto overhears the conversation as he enters. He condescendingly tells them all to come to his house for the barbecue. They arrive at his house the next day, and there’s a catered barbecue all ready for them. Haruto tells Oto she can eat up the fancy food because it might be her only chance in her life. But then he has to add that if she were with someone like him, she could eat like this all the time. Just as he tells her she can bow down and beg, Oto does something that surprises everyone right at the end of the chapter.

Haruto certainly is an arrogant idiot, isn’t he? Issa ultimately gave him a very bad idea to start with, and Haruto has no idea how to truly execute the idea in order for it to plausibly work. He just sees Oto as the poor girl who’s blackmailing him, so he treats her with contempt even though he’s trying to make her fall in love with him. I’m wondering at this point if the idea is to eventually have Haruto actually fall in love with Oto over the course of the series. But if that happens, I can’t see Oto reciprocating any feelings for him.

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