World Trigger: Episode 17 – “Border Official Enlistment”

World Trigger is set in Mikado City, where a “gate” to a different world opens one day and monsters known as Neighbors start appearing from it. Earth’s weapons don’t work against these monsters, but a mysterious group appears and starts fighting against the Neighbors. The group, known as the Border defense agency, creates a defense system against the Neighbors that emerge from the gates. Four-and-a-half years later, a 15-year-old boy named Osamu meets a strange boy named Yuma. Osamu is secretly a member of Border while Yuma turns out to be a Neighbor.

Episode 17 focuses on the Border enlistment, which sees Yuma and Chika officially becoming Border trainees. Osamu has accompanied them in order to provide support. Chika goes off to train with the snipers, while Yuma trains alongside everyone else. Yuma finds himself in a group that includes three cocky guys who seem to think they’re better than everyone else.

When Yuma’s group is sent to battle a virtual reality Neighbor as a training exercise, one of the cocky guys gets the best time of the group by defeating the Neighbor in 58 seconds. When Yuma goes, he blows away the others by defeating the Neighbor in 0.6 seconds. When the cocky guy demands that Yuma do it again, Yuma defeats the Neighbor in 0.4 seconds. I just loved how the cocky guys were put in their place by Yuma, and I especially liked how broken they got after Yuma did better the second time than he did the first. Those cocky guys really deserved being knocked down at least a peg or two, if not more.

Chika, meanwhile, trains with the snipers. She isn’t noticed at first due to how small she is, and then the others wonder if she can really handle the position. The trainees, as well as the audience, are given explanations for the three Sniper Triggers. Chika is asked to demonstrate the biggest of the three Sniper Triggers, and she does it a little too well. Not only does she obliterate the target, she also shoots a hole through the opposite wall. Oops! This bit was nice for some comic relief, and I found it even more amusing than the cocky guys getting shown up by Yuma.

We also see Osamu interacting with Kitora as his friends go through their training. When Karasuma joins them, we get to see the usually stiff and uptight Kitora get weak in the knees. She’s obviously interested in him, and she becomes jealous when she learns that Karasuma is working with Osamu as his mentor. Seeing Kitora becoming so lovestruck added another layer of comic relief.

For the most part, Episode 17 was rather light-hearted in nature with moments of comic relief. This is needed though, because the tension goes up right at the end of the episode, when Kazama challenges Osamu to a mock fight. Even though he knows he’ll lose, Osamu agrees to it.

I also have to add that Episode 17 had the strongest flow for an episode that I’ve seen in World Trigger for a while. The pacing felt natural, and the explanations for the Sniper Triggers didn’t feel like they were there simply to kill time in order to stretch the story out. The ending of the episode didn’t feel awkward, either.

The preview shows that Episode 18 will be focusing on Osamu and Kazama’s mock fight. It seems pretty clear that Osamu is going to lose big time, but perhaps he might be able to pull something off that the audience isn’t aware of yet. It’ll be interesting to watch, that’s for sure.

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