English Cast Announced for the Assassination Classroom Anime

The English cast has been announced for the Assassination Classroom anime:

  • Sonny Strait is Koro Sensei
  • Lindsay Seidel is Nagisa Shiota
  • Chris Ryan is Tadaomi Karasuma
  • Austin Tindle is Karma Akaban
  • Jerry Jewell is Isogai
  • Kristi Kang is Fuwa
  • Jamie Marchi is Hayami
  • Kristen McGuire is Hinano
  • Monica Rial is Kaede
  • Chris Burnett is Maehara
  • Joel McDonald is Mimura
  • Eric Cherry is Muramatsu
  • Apphia Yu is Nakamura
  • Nick Haley is Okajima
  • Didi Archilla is Okano
  • Kyle Phillips is Sugaya
  • Leah Clark is Kanzaki
  • Jean Luc Hester is Kimura
  • Terri Doty is Kirara
  • Morgan Garrett is Meg
  • Clifford Chapin is Sugino
  • Marcus Stimac is Terasaka
  • Michelle Rojas is Toka
  • Orion Pitts is Yoshida

Joel McDonald is directing the dub.

FUNimation Entertainment will start adding the English episodes on February 18, 2015 with a two hour “primetime block.”

Source: ANN

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