Final English Cast List for the Holy Knight Anime

MB VoiceWorks has announced that it has completed recording the English version for the Holy Knight OVA. The final cast is:

  • Daman Mills is Shinta Mizamura
  • Amber Lee Connors is Lilith
  • Miranda Gauvin is Camilla
  • Brittany Lauda is Cammot and various
  • Devon Talbott is Plum
  • Michael A. Zekas is Cliff
  • Greg Nugent is Daisuke
  • Melanie Ehrlich is Chizuru
  • Michele Knotz is Akira Sakamoto
  • Mike Pollock is Lilith’s father
  • Michele Knotz is Lilith’s mother
  • Meli Grant is Shigeyuki Yanagida
  • Anthony Sardinha is Exercise guy
  • Harriet Weaver is various
  • Daren Donofrio is various
  • Matt Shipman is various
  • Corinne Sudberg is various
  • Alex Simeone is various

Brittany Lauda and Melanie Ehrlich co-founded MB VoiceWorks, a “full-service audio production company.” Media Blasters contracted MB Voice Works to cast and direct Holy Knight within Media Blasters in-house studio. The “MB” in MB VoiceWorks stands for “Melanie and Brittany” and is not related to “Media Blasters.” The companies and employees are separate.

Source: ANN

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