Digital Manga’s Kickstarter to Restock the Finder Boys’ Love Manga Meets Its Goal

Digital Manga’s Kickstarter campaign to restock Volumes 1-6 of Ayano Yamane’s Finder boys’ love manga reached its goal of US$45,000 on February 12, 2015 with four days remaining. Digital Manga launched the project on January 7, 2015. As of this writing, the project has earned US$47,705 from 354 backers.

Digital Manga licensed the series in 2010 and has released seven volumes to date. Pledge rewards include Fujoshi/Fudanshi rubber bracelets, Finder manga volumes, posters, Juné tote bags, and YaoiCon 2015 regular and VIP badges.

The campaign has two stretch goals. The first stretch goal of US$50,000 will also restock Yamane’s A Foreign Love Affair manga. The second stretch goal of US$52,000 will unlock Fujoshi/Fudanshi black tank tops.

Digital Manga successfully funded a print edition of Osamu Tezuka’s Ludiwig B manga in January 2015 and his Captain Ken manga in June 2014. Digital Manga also used Kickstarter to raise funds to reprint Tezuka’s Barbara and Swallowing the Earth manga. The English release of Barbara was nominated for an Eisner in 2013.

Source: ANN

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